13 Signs You're Becoming Your Dad — Not That You Mind, Of Course, Since Your Dad Is The Coolest

Ever worry that you're turning into your dad? Just think about how he feels, watching you grow into a mini version of him. I imagine having kids is strange for a few reasons — of course, the whole process of birth is kind of horrifying, if you've never been through it, but it's more than that. It's the fact that you're now responsible for something that looks like you. All of a sudden, you're more aware of what your nose looks like, since your kid has it. Strangers come up to you and compare features, and every mass Christmas card that you send to family will look completely different than the year prior. Then, you know, it's all about getting thrown up on daily and having it be completely normal.

But I digress. One of the most interesting aspects about having kids is the fact that certain quirks and traits only appear later on — like, in your 20s and 30s. As "the kid," all of a sudden you're mimicking your mom or dad's personality almost entirely. Whether it's learned or genetic, you're not really sure. All you know is that the bond of family is way stronger than you initially realized.

While most girls get compared to their moms, it's super possible that you take after your dad. And not just based on "stereotypical dude things," like your love of mowing lawns, or cleaning out gutters. There's just no question about paternity when you analyze your mannerisms.

Here are some signs that you truly are your father's child.

1. You suddenly appreciate Tom Petty and Eric Clapton

Seriously, "Dad Rock" is where it's AT. Even though you thought "Tears In Heaven" was the saddest song ever as a kid, you now understand it at a completely different level, and appreciate the fact that unlike some musicians today, Eric wrote the song to help cope with a personal family tragedy. And he didn't even need autotune!

2. You start silently nodding at people with the same car as you, just like your dad does

That guy next to you at the intersection has a Subaru. You have a Subaru. You can't help but acknowledge the fact that you and this perfect stranger had the same features in mind when picking out a car. He deserves a little bit of recognition, doesn't he? Obviously a horn honk might be a little much, but the perfect little "we're on the same team, man" nod will note that your cars have a common bond.

3. You find yourself doing productive things at 6:30 a.m. on a Saturday

In your early 20s, you'd still be trying to fend off an impending hangover. In your late 20s and early 30s, you're at the checkout line of Lowe's with a cart full of perennials. Not only did you choose them based on their color, but you managed to make sure they'd survive the amount of sun that your deck brings in. Dad would be so proud.

4. Pop music of today just upsets you for some reason

Sure, you'll never stray from Kelly Clarkson — but everything else? It just sounds like noise for some reason. What's with the repetitive lyrics, and the manufactured beats? Why does the singer sound like she ingested a helium balloon? Not just the helium in the balloon, but the whole darn thing.

5. You've uttered the phrase "I don't know who any of these people are!" when seeing the lineup of presenters at the Teen Choice Awards

Part of you knows that you're not the target audience anymore, but you can't help it — you've watched Ashton Kutcher gain so many weird surfboard trophies throughout the years, and you just can't pull yourself away. Plus, you've exhausted your Netflix queue.

When the show starts, you stare in embarrassment, since you seriously have no idea who these people are, or why they're famous. Who is Skylar Astin? He doesn't even look familiar.

6. You understand the concept of hard work

You understand that hard work pays the bills, and understand that rent and utilities are a little more important than Playstations and xBoxes. You don't get too upset about overtime — you have to do what you have to do, in order to truly succeed.

7. You stopped going to bars, since they're "too loud"

You don't often have friend gatherings, but when you do? They're low-key and at home. Chances are, a board game might come out. A beer and Trivial Pursuit sounds like a lot more fun than screaming over the music while trying to catch up with a friend. Plus, you can't help but judge all of the fresh 21-year-olds, whose main goal is to get plastered. Yeah, that was you once. But now? Now you enjoy alcohol for the taste, not the experience. One beer is enough of a reward for a tough day.

8. Your dance moves are a bit more sedentary

You just can't drop it like it's hot anymore. For you, it's all about the arms and shoulders. Even if you look foolish, you don't really care — I mean, the purpose of dancing is to have fun, and not put on a show.

Plus, you'll only probably be caught dancing at a wedding. Going out dancing with friends these days is just too sweaty and crowded.

9. You're thrilled with practical gifts

Just like your dad, you've started getting excited about socks. And plain t-shirts. In fact, your wardrobe today probably doesn't include anything screen-printed. You have more fun giving gifts than receiving gifts, and seriously feel so touched that your parents got you that food processor for your birthday.

10. You're frustrated when neighborhood kids play on your lawn

Whether you own or rent, you value your space. Planting flowers is just dangerous, based on all of the tiny child hands that might just pick them straight from the dirt. While you're thrilled that kids are outside playing (since so many of them "waste time with their iPads!"), you also wish it happened in a place that wouldn't give you a panic attack.

11. You tell your significant other to either shut off the air conditioner, or close the window, because you're not paying to cool the outside

Air conditioning isn't cheap. Come on now.

12. You find yourself complaining about commercials

You feel like airing your grievances outloud might make a difference. Like, someone from Burger King placed a device in your living room that's meant to truly figure out how you feel about ads featuring The King. By saying things louder, you'll totally change the world!

And what is up with that "Color is a beautiful thing" paint commercial? It airs like, 700 times a night, which guarantees that you'll be hearing that song in your nightmares. Why do the paint people advertise so much?

13. Other people's lack of outerwear starts to upset you

Does that kid think he's cool by wearing shorts in the winter? Is he making a statement? Isn't he cold? Back in the day, you didn't even think twice about the clothing of strangers, but now you feel like your superior thoughts on weather really should be addressed. Don't they know it's cold outside? Did they lose the sense of feeling? Do their parents know they left the house this way? Sigh. Youths.

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