This Chick Has TWO(!) Doppelgängers

A few months ago, Niamh, Terrance and Harry set up Twin Strangers, a website that hopes to unite people with strangers that look just like them. Essentially, they're on a doppelgänger search thanks to the notion that 7 people in the world look exactly like you. Niamh was the only Twin Stranger to find her match (so far) and she went to see her new twin, Karen, two months ago. And after a little make-up, they really did look strangely identical. Well, Niamh found her second twin and went to Italy to meet her potentially identical new friend.

When Niamh found her first twin, I was a little skeptical. In fact, there's an entire article in which I whine about not really buying it. Breaking: I'm wrong. Because the second twin looks even more like her, and this chick is very clearly on a roll.

Terrance and Harry are straggling behind, unfortunately, they're each still without a match. But they've expanded their site and are now accepting new friends looking for their twins. (Find the registration details below.)

Niamh's second twin is Luiza Guizzardi, and I truly can't decide if she looks even more like Niamh than Karen did. Luiza lives in Italy (not ideal, because Niamh and her first twin live in Ireland). Niamh wasn't phased: She traveled to Genoa (on the Italian Riveria) to meet Luiza, and Luiza's friends and family.

When they met, even Luiza's mother said, "From a distance I thought you were Luiza."

And a few tears were shed.

She also met Luiza's friends.

And then there were more tears.

So, who do you think looks more alike?

Niamh and Luiza:

Or Niamh and Karen:

Watch the full video of Niamh meeting her second twin:

For a recap, here's Niamh finding her first twin.

To register below, watch their introductory video and visit their website.

Images: YouTube