Britney GIFs That Make You Wish She Had A Show

by Orli Matlow

For a glorious four months in 2012, Britney Spears was a judge on The X Factor. It was a bit of a blink-and-miss-it moment in pop culture history: Spears left the show after one season. Personally, I miss Britney and her infectious energy: she was raw and real on the show, in a way that we don't see on reality shows in general.

Many of us grew up with Spears, from "... Baby One More Time" to the Timberlake Era to "Gimme Gimme More" — and needless to say, many of us miss her. She has yet to find a vehicle that really showcases her talent for emoting only through her facial expressions (not to mention her mastery of the side-eye). While she's not the best actress (sorry, but I've seen Crossroads ), she's an endearing personality, and that deserves to be showcased. It's a combination of her Southern charm, genuine warmth, and the fact that we all watched her grow that makes me wish she was television every week — so, with '90s nostalgia at an all-time high, it's time to bring her back.

So, without further ado, "it's Britney, GIF." Here are 31 Brit-Brit GIFs to remind you of her awesomeness, and make you wish she had her own competition show.

1. The Dance Party

Have you seen a Simon Cowell or a Paula Abdul or a Cee Lo Green do that!? No. Spears is the best judge — or at least the most fun to watch.

2. The Respectful Clap

"Good job! You tried!"

3. The Genuine Smile

When she smiles, I smile.

4. The Pucker

Either they just suck at singing, or she just tasted something sour.

5. The "Awwwww!"

She's the cutest person, and it looks like she's celebrating a puppy who just got a treat.

6. The "I'm Gonna Hurl"

Bad belting may induce vomiting.

7. The "Honesty Is The Best Policy"

Tell it to 'em straight, Brit.

8. The Almost Grumpy Cat

Spears' mouth curves down to near-Grumpy Cat levels.

9. The Full-On Grumpy Cat

Spears is also a gifted impressionist.

10. The "... Baby One More Time" Head Tilt

Take us all back to the good old days, Brit!

11. The "I Can't Even"

She is literally blocking her ears. Literally.

12. The Cha-Ching

Nailed it.

13. The Honest Nod, Ft. Cleavage

This one is just beautiful.

14. The Consolation Compliment

They might suck at singing... but they have at least one thing going for them.

15. The "Let Me Think About It"

Brit is perplexed.

16. The Nail-Biter

Stars: they're just like us! Brit also has this habit.

17. The Focuser

She pays attention to the performer.

18. The Encourager

Hands down better than hearing it from my parents.

19. The Dainty Clapping Black Swan

She can overcome the unfortunate eyeliner.

20. The "WTF?"

We've all been there.

21. The Sniffle

Get that lil' boogie out of the way.

22. The Confused Glance

Can't hide behind the hat.

23. The Flip

Effortlessly glamorous.

24. The Schemer

She looks like she's planning something big.

25. The "America's Sweetheart"

This one's just adorable.

26. The Kiss

So sweet.

27. The Double Kiss

Double sweet.

28. The "Really?!"

I mean...really, though?

29. The Chins

She, too, has chins.

30. The Tiny Wave

Hey y'all.

31. The Hair-In-Lip Gloss

It happens to the best of us.

Images: Fox; xfactorbritneyfaces/Tumblr (10); britneyspearsgifs/Tumblr (21)