Where Did Red Get That Money On 'Orange Is The New Black'? Miss Rosa's Parting Gift Could Come In Handy

Before Miss Rosa sped off into the great unknown (and killed Vee in the process) the Orange is the New Black prisoner robbed a cancer ward nurse. But, she didn't take the cash with her when she vacated the prison. [Episode 1 spoilers ahead.] So, now, in the first episode of Orange is the New Black Season 3, Red found the money in Rosa's bed, and she quietly tucked it away before anyone could ask any questions.

It wasn't a whole lot of money. Rosa, and the teenage cancer patient who helped her rob the nurse, only swiped $63. But, to an inmate, that's a lot of money — even though Rosa never actually spent it. She just liked to smell the bills. (It reminded her of her hot-to-trot bank robbing days.) Red's a little more resourceful though, so I'm sure she has a plan for every single bill of the $63.

It's a good thing Rosa's former bunkmates refused to let anyone new move into her bed, or get rid of her things — otherwise the cash wouldn't have been there for Red when she re-entered the prison after her stay in the hospital. Of all the people who could have ended up with that money, I'm sure Rosa would be glad it was Red. Both women go way back in the prison system, and, whatever Red uses it for, it's guaranteed to be interesting, and possibly illegal. Such is the life of an inmate at Litchfield!

Image: Jill Greenberg/Netflix; Giphy