15 Chunky Heeled Shoes For Those Of Us Who Would Eat It Hard In Stilettos

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I'm gonna get real with you guys for a second: I straight up can't walk in stilettos, and I am therefore destined to live a life of chunky heeled shoes. It's not like I haven't tried, or that I don't want it enough. I've watched Youtube tutorials and practiced in my apartment — which ended in my clutching to my dresser or desk for dear life... every single time. And, on a super embarrassing note, my boyfriend can even walk better in them (read: not break his neck) than I can. So, there's that or whatever.

I just straight up can't do it. I've rolled enough ankles and been through enough events where I start walking like a senile penguin 20 minutes in to know it. It kind of sucks, because high heels are gorgeous and sometimes comfy flats can really ruin an outfit. But something kind of amazing has happened recently in fashion that means I can join the beautiful, wonderful world of heel-wearing women. Get this: Chunky heels are back in. And this time around, the variety and chic factor are pretty impeccable.

Previously remanded to the '90s — where Steve Madden was the undisputed king of the chunky heel — these sturdy babies have finally become un-passé. Finally, I can rock some height without worrying about breaking my face in front of really fancy people. I'm really pumped (pun absolutely intended) about it, and I hope you are too. So here are 15 amazing chunky-heeled shoes to help us clumsy chicks strut with the rest of them.

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