So, Diane Kruger Was In A Bravolebrity's Wedding

If you were in need of a piece of random news regarding reality TV and a very famous actress, you've come to the right place. Did you know that Diane Kruger was a bridesmaid in a Bravolebrity's wedding? To be more precise, Kruger was part Ladies of London star Caroline Stanbury's nuptials. Who knew?! On Thursday, Stanbury shared a throwback Thursday photo on Instagram from the day she married husband Cem Habib and apparently, Kruger is friends with the Bravo star.

The reality starlet captioned the photo, "#tbt #weddingday#bridesmaids @dianekrugerperso@victoriastanbury @janakisophia @ellisifs," which proves Stanbury and Kruger were friends back in the day.

So are they still friends? Does Stanbury hang with Kruger a lot? Do the reality star and her husband double date with Kruger and Joshua Jackson? I have so many questions that I need answered now, especially as a devoted Ladies of London fan.

Well, in addition to sharing photos of Kruger, Stanbury also retweets the actress, which proves they're good friends, right? Also, based on a photo shared three months ago by the Bravolebrity, it appears the two still hang out and consider one another "old friends." I'll say it again, who knew?!

Now all I need is for Kruger and Jackson to appear on Ladies of London. *fingers crossed*