'LoL's Caroline Leads A Fabulous Life On Instagram

Sweet Caroline, good times never seemed so good... JK, JK, Ladies of London 's Caroline Stanbury is pretty much not sweet at all. But that's just the way we like her. Sure, she's probably got some kindness buried deep down inside her posh heart, but on the outside, she's the feisty LoL lady that's kept us on our toes. Not an episode of Bravo's British-themed reality show has gone by without an absolutely stellar zinger by the queen of putdowns or a judging look that would make anyone want to hide under their covers (watch out, American ladies). She means business, and she doesn't care at all if you like her or not because, honestly, in her mind, you probably don't matter at all. (Burn.)

Basically, if you couldn't tell, Caroline is my favorite "lady" on the show. I used to think it was Annabelle Neilson — I still love you, Tinkerbelle — but after some thoughtful wine-induced contemplation, Caroline is definitely my number one pick. And although I could watch her tell Noelle Reno that she "wasted" an outfit or demand absolutely ridiculous things from her employees over and over and over again, I mostly just want to stalk her Instagram pics for hours because they are freakin' addicting. They just further prove that she's as amazing as she comes off as on LoL.

She's her own biggest fan

#ladiesoflondon #poshputdown #teamcaroline

She does what she wants, when she wants

And no one's going to stop her.

She posts tons of sizzling motivational words

Oh, snap.

She has the most adorable twin boys that have ever lived.

You're just lying to yourself if you say otherwise.

Her shoe collection is impressive.

Can I borrow a pair?

She's proud of the mouth she's got on her

I think we can all agree that she's Regina George (but obviously that's meant as a compliment).

She takes mirror selfies

I'm sorry, but could she be more chic?

She's the baddest boss around

You know, just casually running a business.

She's a supporter of summer Fridays

Ugh, I told you she's the best.

She has killer nail-game

Plus, look at how awesome her rings are.

She knows how #blessed she is

tough day #summersun #friends #rosewine #pink#relax #sunbathing

And most importantly, it's been proven that she's the clear favorite on the show

Technically Juliet's Instagram proved that, but damn, what a lead. Keep it up, Caroline.

Images: carolinestanbury/Instagram, julietangus/Instagram