13 Times Kelly & Michelle Got to Be the Stars of Destiny's Child, Because Beyonce Didn't Always Hog The Limelight

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter is without a doubt the star of Destiny's Child. Ten years ago the foursome-turned-threesome (with multiple band member rotations) decided to call it quits and the group proved to be a vehicle for even bigger success for its members. The post- Destiny's Child boom was especially strong for Beyoncé who has since sold more than 15 million albums worldwide as a solo artist. But that doesn't mean she's the onlystar. Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams have both done incredibly well for themselves with solo recording careers along with forays into fashion and fitness.

Looking back at the ultimate trifecta era of Destiny's Child it is quite clear that Queen Bey was gunning for the spotlight...though she did share it from time to time. Even nowadays Kelly and Michelle will roll up to a Super Bowl performance or appear in a music video for Beyoncé and the Internet loses its mind over it. There is still something so special about what happens when these three are in the same room together. Call it magnetism, chemistry, or sisterhood, Destiny's Child, even after 10 years after splitting up, still have it going on.

No one is disputing that Beyoncé always has been the megastar of Destiny's Child, but there were a few moments she didn't take center stage. Take a look:

When Kelly Got To Stand In The Middle


At the Grammys no less!

When Kelly Faced The Camera & Bey & Michelle Didn't


Star power. Also note, she's wearing a skirt while the other two rock pants.

When The Video For "Cater 2 U" Opened On Michelle In The Middle

Look how they sparkle.

When Kelly Gave The Thank You Speech

Vince Bucci/AFP/Getty Images

What a blessing.

When Kelly Got the Opening Solo In "Bootlicious"

She even had her own back up dancers.

When Michelle Wore The Least Ridiculous Outfit


Oh Tina Knowles fashion...

When Kelly & Michelle Tried To Block Out Bey In The "Bootylicious" Video

They had it...for a second.

When Michelle Got To Be In The Middle (!)


It's about time!

When Kelly Protected Bey & Michelle Like A Wild Huntress In The "Survivor" Video


When Kelly Stood Closest To Ronald McDonald


Such an honor!

When Michelle Walked In The Middle in "Independent Women Pt. I"

Throw your hands up at THIS.

When Michelle Williams Had Her Own Successful Gospel Career

Michelle Williams on YouTube

Check her being backed by Bey and Kelly!

When Kelly Rowland Had Her Own Successful R&B Career

kellyrowlandVEVO on YouTube

Get. It.

Images: DestinysChildVEVO (5)/YouTube