'Parks and Recreation's 10 Most Motivational Moments

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Oh Parks and Recreation, how sweet it is to have you back, gracing our televisions with rollerskates, filibusters, Bloosh, Donna’s '90s gear, Chris walking into mirrors, the return of Andy, and a drunk Leslie Knope. Thursday night’s double-header was filled with so many wonderful moments, making the long three-week hiatus well worth the wait. We learned about Ben’s weird sexual fantasies, saw April be, dare we say, vulnerable, and the most gratifying dumping of a margarita on someone’s head in television history (Screw your curls, Jamm!).

As delightful as Thursday night’s bright and charming episodes were, our favorite citizens of Pawnee also had to face some big losses and changes. Tom sold Rent-A-Swag, April was heartbroken over missing her husband in London, Andy was scared of the pressure of his new job, and most heartbreakingly of all, Leslie lost the recall.

Ann and Ben were on a task-force to keep Leslie motivated and hopeful in anticipation of the backslide of possible failure in the recall. She did lose in the end, but she took it with the grace, professionalism, and dedication that makes Leslie Knope one of the strongest women on television. Though it was Ann’s support and knowledge of what would get her friend back in the swing of things (“Never trust a husband to do a best friend’s job”), it was Ron who delivered what was perhaps the most touching line of the whole night. In response to Tom feeling defeated over the loss of his business, Ron reassured him that, “There is no shame in failure if you gave it an honest effort.”

Now if that doesn’t give you all the feels, I don’t know what will. Just in case you need a little bit more to get through the last of your work week, here are our favorite motivational moments from Parks and Recreation.

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