Street Artist Paints Roofs To Troll Airplanes

In a true quest to combine two largely common phobias, one street artist paints huge 3-D spiders on roofs to frighten pilots and their passengers. It's cute, really! All you ever want as a plane passenger is to look down and immediately assume that you are descending into the apocalypse. Dreams really do come true.

Recently I visited the office of a publication I write for a lot. The headquarters are in Bushwick in Brooklyn, where gentrification runs strong and there are a lot of twerps flailing amok in paint-splattered short-alls. Smoking a cig with an editor on the roof of said office, a man approached us. He explained he needed us to move so he could ready the space for an egregious roof mural. Which I guess is a thing. I sailed outta there a few days after so I never saw the completion, but I'm not that worried about it. Chances are it ended up okay to moderately good, although I sincerely doubt it turned out as bad-ass or realistic as this enormous spider Marlin Peterson painted on a Seattle roof.

I don't want to consider the very real fear airplane passengers may have experienced soaring over what appears to be a spindly, gargantuan spider taking over an entire building (although he explained it was meant more to scare tourists exploring the Space Needle). What a sight to snap you out of the dazed podcast-glaze many of us experience while traveling.

Gotta hand it to Peterson. The daddy longlegs are pretty damn convincing.

Street art can get way too real at times. But in a way, I kinda appreciate the gotcha! nature of such an effort. Catching someone off-guard, you know? Here are some great examples of street art doing just that:

This swing set art

This shows serious freaking talent, but is a little too The Shining for me to keep looking at it and sleep soundly at night.

This cave art

Hoooly Reed Flute, Batman.

This waterfall art

I do not trust the level of enthusiasm on this human's face. This looks scary AF.

This literal hell art


Images: Getty Images; Imgur