Photos Of The 'Southern Charm' Cast Before They Were Famous Prove These Bravolebrities Have Always Loved The Camera — PHOTOS

Fans of Bravo's Southern Charm know that the entire cast pretty much loves being on camera — or they probably wouldn't be on a reality show. Viewers of the series filled with southern grace, elegance, and, of course, drama, know that each cast member sports fancy attire whenever possible, especially when going to a ball. With that said, what did the Southern Charm cast look like before they were famous? Were they always charmers of the south? Have they always dressed in gowns and suits? Did they go through awkward phases like the rest of us?

Well, I'm here to prove that yes, they did, but that hasn't stopped the reality stars from sharing such photos on social media. After scouring Twitter and Instagram, I discovered that these residents of Charleston, South Carolina, have always loved the camera — and were also adorable as little kids, teens, and young adults. Yes, Sheppy's always been quite handsome, Cameran's always been gorgeous, Craig's always thought he was cool, and Whitney's always embodied that southern class his mother Patricia Altschul taught him.

Here's what Cameran Eubanks, Shep Rose, Kathryn Dennis, Thomas Ravenel, Landon Clements, Whitney Sudler-Smith, and Craig Conover looked like back in the day. Enjoy!

Cameran Eubanks

Yep, Cameran pretty much looks the same as she did in high school and when she first appeared on The Real World.

Shep Rose

Oh, Sheppy, still as handsome as ever.

Kathryn Dennis

There's no doubt that the camera's always loved Kathryn.

Thomas Ravenel

T-Rav rocked that "charming" smile back in the day, too.

Landon Clements

Do you see what I see? Landon's always been a fashionista.

Whitney Sudler-Smith

Even as a young boy, Whitney embodied the charm and elegance of the south.

Craig Conover

Yeah, Craig's always thought he was cool — even with that hair.

I think it's safe to say that the Southern Charm cast has always loved the camera — don't you think?

Images: Mathieu Young/Robert Ascroft/Bravo