Shia LaBeouf's Greatest 'Even Stevens' Faces

Things used to be simpler for us Shia LaBeouf lovers. Before the brown paper bagging that was "I'm not famous anymore," Shia LaBeouf was Louis Stevens on Disney Channel's Even Stevens. Even Stevens premiered 15 years ago on June 17, 2000 and though it only lasted three seasons, it launched its standout child actor to stardom. Shia LaBeouf played the charismatic and constantly screaming Louis opposite his sister, Christy Carlson Romano's Ren.

Along with best friend Twitty, annoying neighbor Beans, and love interest Tawny, Louis was always cooking up some sort of plan. And though I always thought Louis was partially annoying, I also found myself being slightly attracted to LaBeouf. (We are the same age — only a month separates the time we haven't spent on Earth together!) My Disney Channel devotion paid off later when my crush became a bonafide movie star in movies like Eagle Eye. (Yes, I am admitting that I had been excited about Eagle Eye.)

But really, can you blame my crush? Have you seen the music video for Sia's "Elastic Heart"? LaBeouf's dance with Maddie Ziegler reminded the world that he really is a talented performer.

And Fifteen years ago he was the most memorable actor from Even Stevens. Here are 19 of Shia LaBeouf's best faces as Louis from Even Stevens.

1. Austin Powers Cool

Show off those teeth, Louis!

2. Locker Room Swagger

Louis had nerdy levels of Fonzie-cool in him. Aaaay!

3. Quarterback Concern

It looks like LaBeouf could be channeling Jim Carrey here. (LaBeouf was in the Carrey-less Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd.) Interestingly enough, the two actors ended up fighting publicly in 2014.

4. Waterfront Horror

Since LaBeouf was a child actor, he would have made a nice addition to the cast of Lake Placid based on this Even Stevens face.

5. Drumstick Locks

Twitty and Louis knew how to rock out.

6. Training For Transformers

LaBeouf learned at a young age how to do the facial expressions needed to run away from machines.

7. School Bus Suave

Slick that hair back, Shia.

8. What's That Smell?

No one captured completely obnoxious, self-imposed pain like Louis Stevens.

9. Baby Got Back

Crying out won't make your enviable Jennifer Lopez-sized bootie get any smaller, Louis. Fun fact: LaBeouf and Lopez were both on a list of the most-hated celebrities back in 2013.

10. Stoner Telemarketer

LaBeouf could make a great cameo on Workaholics.

11. Constipated Staring Contest

This was Louis's reaction to an imaginary unibrow. LaBeouf was clearly an acting genius.

12. The Marcia Brady

"Oh! My nose!"

13. Bedtime Blues

This looks real inappropriate for a Disney Channel show. LaBeouf later went to star in not one, but two! movies named Nymphomaniac.

14. Ski Goggle Scream

Here, a young LaBeouf is gearing up for his future horror film Disturbia.

15. The Reverse "Turn That Frown Upside Down"

The perfect expression for showing fake pleasure.

16. Showing Off The Pecs

LaBeouf looks like he's channeling Chris Farley here. It wasn't the last time LaBeouf was inspired by Farley.

17. I'm Too Sexy

That's the smolder of a young man who will later play romantic lead opposite Megan Fox.

18. Optimism Defined

The joy in his face when he can't read social cues and takes his sister's "Talk to the hand" to mean "High Five!" is honestly the most endearing thing ever.

19. Just Plain Cute

This face right here is why I will questionably love a part of LaBeouf always and forever. Even Stevens 'til now.

Images: Disney Channel; Giphy (11); shialabeoufworld (4), shialaboueff (4)/Tumblr