6 Weird 'Facts' About Questlove

If you've ever watched Late Night with Jimmy Fallon you probably recognize Questlove. He's the drummer for The Roots, who currently serve as Fallon's in-house band. And apparently, he's kind of weird — in all the best ways. This week, Questlove was featured in Us Weekly's "25 Things You Don't Know About Me," which is exactly what it sounds like, and many of his things were amazing.

It's hard to tell if they're all actually true, but it's definitely possible. The one thing that makes me question the others is his first fact, "I began this list in 2009 hoping Us would ask me." Who could imagine Questlove caring about that kind of thing?

The list made us wonder about that and much, much more. These are just the top five amazingly weird "facts" that just gave us more questions about the enigma that is Questlove.

"I buy a neck pillow at every airport. I have 700!"

Where to even begin here? First of all, that's a lot of airports. Second, that's a ton of money. Why wouldn't Questlove just start packing neck pillows? Is his neck really that sensitive? Where does he keep them? This can't be true, but lord, please let it be.

"I have not had a drop of tap water in 30 years."

What?! How?! So when Questlove goes to restaurants he only gets bottled water? None of the pitcher they come around with? And we have to assume he's not counting the water he uses to brush his teeth, otherwise he keeps a ton of bottled water in his bathroom. Does he at least use a Britta?

"My hair smells like French toast."

Okay, is this a scented shampoo situation or does Questlove use that much maple syrup on a daily basis? Does it smell that way on purpose? TELL US YOUR SECRETS QUESTLOVE.

"I own 500 pairs of vintage eyewear."

That just seems unnecessary. Unless he wears multiple pairs a day, it would take him a year and a half to wear all of them, and we have to assume he adds to the collection. Is he wearing multiple pairs a day? Where does he buy them? Where does he store them? Can I have 10?

"I'm the hottest bitch in this place. (Seriously: I have a high iron count.)"


"I have 3,000 Afro picks."

Where does he store all of these things?! That is way too many Afro picks. Obviously he uses them, but why 3,000? I think Questlove might be a very specific hoarder.

"My best Valentine's Day date was at Prince's roller skating party."

That does sound kind of awesome, but it needs so much more explanation. When did Prince have a roller skating Valentine's Day party? How did Questlove get invited? Who was his date?

Please Questlove, give us another list: 25 things we need to know about the 25 things we previously didn't know about you. It's the only way we'll ever understand.