About That Bird Song In The iPhone 6 Ad...

Rather than tell you about what the iPhone 6 camera is capable of, the newest ad campaign for Apple's cellular phone shows you what the app can do. The latest batch of TV spots for the mobile device features actual videos shot with the iPhone 6 camera by real iPhone 6 users. Neat-o, eh? In one of the ads, a bird fearlessly eats a crumb off of a human finger. Said ad left me with some questions. Question one: That is a sparrow, right? I'm no ornithologist, but my Google image research tells me that the feathered critter in the commercial is probably a sparrow. Mystery more or less solved! Moving on to question two: What’s that music? My first Google search: “bird chirp song iPhone ad”. Surprisingly, those airtight search terms didn’t really get me anywhere. Thankfully, Spotify exists. And thankfully, Spotify did not let me down. The song in the iPhone 6 bird ad shot by Antoine D. is “The Birdwatcher” by Vulpeck.

You can find "The Birdwatcher" on the band's 2013 EP, My First Car. Do you want to sing along with the iPhone ad, but can't quite pin down the lyrics? This video has your back:

I suggest you bookmark it. You know, just in case you forget some of the words.

Image: Apple/YouTube