Celebs Really Love Swimming With Inflatable Swans

What makes for a better summer than warm temps, sunshine, and lounging by the pool? How about a giant swan? Yes, you heard me. Ever since Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris shared a photo of themselves swimming with a giant inflatable swan, everyone wants to float with a very large bird. Come on, you know you want to, too. If T. Swift and her man are hangin' on a swan, you know other people are going to follow in her footsteps. Plus, it makes for the perfect way to catch some rays, read your favorite book, and sip on a cold beverage (Sam Adams for me, please).

Like Swift and Harris, do you think other celebrities are chilling with blown-up pool swans? You betcha. For example, two members of Bravo's hit reality Southern Charm love getting their swim on with the help of a friendly giant bird. Also, a particular actress from Showtime's Shameless and two cast members from the most popular reality TV family ever also can't get enough of their pool swans.

So, just who am I talking about? Well, you'll have to keep reading to see — trust me, it's totally worth it. Now, who wants to invest in an inflatable swan with me? Any takers?

Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris

Never has a giant swan looked better.

Kathryn Dennis & Craig Conover

Of course, two members of Bravo's Southern Charm would lounge on a giant swan.

Zooey Deschanel

She's bold, because actually uses it as a lounge chair. It definitely goes with her décor.

Emmy Rossum

The Shameless actress took Coachella to a whole new level by swimming with an inflatable swan. That's how a music festival should be done.

Kourtney Kardashian

This might not be the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star on the swan, but she sure owns one.

Kendall Jenner

Yes, Kendall also loves chilling on swans, because, of course she does.

Alessandra Ambrosio

The model was ahead of the times. She was spotted on her swan last October.

You've never wanted a giant inflatable swan more, have you?

Images: Taylor Swift/Instagram