Kim K's Wax Figure Will Be Taking A Selfie

If anybody deserves to have their own wax figure, it’s Kim Kardashian. Naturally, when I found out that Kim K is getting a wax figure (that will be posed as if taking a selfie, no less), I was extremely excited. I mean, how perfect does that sound? The selfie queen will be forever immortalized in wax while doing what she does best — taking photos of herself! Day. Made.

And what makes this whole thing even better is that Kardashian's sculpture will be interactive, meaning that visitors to the Madame Tussauds museum will be able to slide into the photo and take a selfie alongside the reality star. The background to this display will be updated frequently, which only makes sense. You can't never take a picture more than three times with the same backdrop, a fact that I'm positive the Selfie Queen herself knows.

Kardashian's wax figure will be wearing a skintight dress that will showcase her famous curves, because obviously. As far as the perfect selfie pose goes, well, Kim K will be rocking a full-on pout. The figure will be unveiled in July, so go ahead and book your trip to London to see her frozen in selfie-taking mode (as if she isn’t already stuck that way in real life). Some moments just have to be relished with a picture of yourself, you know?

In honor of Kim K's wax lookalike, let’s take a look at some of her best selfies of all time.

Sleepy-Time Seductive

There's nothing like slipping a selfie in before bedtime.

Showing Off The Bling

I'd show it off too.

Blonde Hair Don't Care

Just have to document those blonde hair days.

Bathroom Prep Sesh

Oh, you know, just getting in a little mirror time.

Bikini Selfie

There's just nothing quite like when Kim K poses in a bathing suit.

Chilling With No Makeup On

Still so gorgeous.

Posing With Famous Friends

NBD, just taking a selfie with John Legend and Chrissy Tiegen.

Pretty soon, you could be posing with Kim K, too. Better start practicing your selfie face now!