Taylor Swift Congratulates Zendaya On Graduating & That's Not The Only Reason The Actress Deserves A Round Of Applause

Major congratulations are in order for Disney Channel star Zendaya Coleman, who just graduated high school. Way to go! You know who else is beyond thrilled for the singer/actress? T. Swift. That's right, Taylor Swift is "proud" of Zendaya for her accomplishment and successes. On Friday, Swift took to Instagram and Twitter to wish her friend (and one of the many co-stars of her "Bad Blood" music video) all the congrats in the world for finishing high school, which is definitely something to celebrate.

Swift wrote on Instagram, along with a photo of Zendaya in her golden cap and gown, "Cut Throat graduates, I cry endless tears of pride." Then, she shared on Twitter, "I'M NOT CRYING, YOU ARE. @Zendaya #ProudOfYou."

It's no secret that Swift adores Zendaya. After all, the 1989 singer did name Zendaya one of her "Women of Tomorrow" for Glamour magazine. Swift shared in the magazine, “I was impressed by how she eloquently defended herself in the midst of some recent drama, where it was debated whether she should’ve worn braids to the Oscars. She’s already shown her talent, but in this she’s showed her strength.” Well, Zendaya continues to do just that, which she's proved by sticking with school and always standing up for her beliefs.

In addition to the new grad thanking Swift and calling her "the best" on Twitter, the former Dancing with the Stars contestant shared a piece of advice to her followers, which is quite empowering. She wrote,

Shout out, not just to all the 2015 grads but to the soon to be! Please remember knowledge is one of the most powerful gifts we have the privilege of receiving... don't take that for granted. To every soon to be grad, know that you CAN do it! (if I can get through it then anyone can) It's a long road, so many things will pose as obstacles in your way and at times the end seems further and further away, but please remember the importance of that beautiful mind you have and all the limitless powers you hold. All my love #sorryforgettingdeep

Not only does Zendaya deserve a round of applause for graduating, but for also providing hope and advice and being an all-around great influence to her young fans.

Congrats, Zendaya, on your special day and future endeavors!