Britney Spears Still Loves Her Southern Roots & She Offers Up Plenty Of Proof

Britney Spears. You know her as the pop princess, the tireless performing artist, and the cultural icon. Since the "Work B---h" singer has been in the spotlight for most of her life, it is easy to forget that her roots are somewhere entirely different from Hollywood — or even all of California. Britney Spears is a Southern girl at heart and she's proud of it!

Born in McComb, Mississippi and raised in Kentwood, Louisiana, Spears definitely got her fair share of Southern exposure in her early years before stealing hearts on the Mickey Mouse Club, which paved her way into show business. Some may have argued that the singer has not quite earned her stake to claim the South because she spent a portion of her younger years in New York City. But as can be seen by Spears' interviews, casual conversations, attire, and love of certain cuisine, it is obvious that she is still a Southern girl at heart. And her Southern charm is part of the reason why fans love her. So, it's worth taking some time to reflect on some of her best Southern girl qualities. There's nothing like a big star who not only remembers, but is also proud of where she's from!

Saying Y'all


Anyone who has watched an interview or read a story about Brit knows that she is not shy about dropping a "y'all" or three in her answers to questions or in casual conversation. And why should she be? A staple of Southern vernacular, it adds a little bit of character to what she says. A good example is her tweeted response to rumors about a past relationship: "Y'all can kiss my lily white southern Lousiana ass!"

Cowgirl-Inspired Attire

Sure, she's not exactly ready to saddle a horse, but that doesn't mean she can't pay homage to the classic fashion of the South. What better way to do that than by using it for her own fashion inspiration? Cowgirl hats, among other accessories, are vintage favorites of hers!

Love Of Fried Chicken

Recently, Brit dished on one of her biggest food vices while snacking with her sons Jayden and Sean. She said, "When the [the boys] come over, the snacks are constantly piling up, and I constantly have to feed them. I'm like, 'Jesus I want fried chicken too!'" And what's more Southern than that? But please, someone get her something better than KFC!

Going Back

Perhaps Spears' most awesome Southern quality is her eagerness to go back whenever she can. She was spotted in Kentwood not too long ago to see her sister Jamie Lynn Spears' daughter perform in a dance recital. She sat in the audience among everyone else and even spent sometime backstage chatting with students and teachers. Even more awesome? A student reportedly covered "Toxic" as a performance, and she sang along! Clearly, she felt right at home.Image: Getty Images