Ed Sheeran Claims He Is Responsible For Red-Headed Guys Getting Laid & It Is Probably The Gospel Truth

Ed Sheeran joked that his red-headed fame is helping ginger guys get more action. And yeah, he's probably really freaking right. "There are a lot of ginger dudes in England who are using me," Ed Sheeran revealed about his ginger-haired sexual prowess in a recent radio interview, according to The Telegraph. "That's why I'm not hating on it. You know what, we're finally getting laid! This is a good thing." While there haven't exactly been studies on this phenomenon, I may know a few people who have right-swiped redheads just because they're slightly reminiscent of Ed Sheeran. And no, I am totally not talking about myself. *shifty eyes*

Sure, fellow British gingers Prince Harry and Rupert Grint pre-date the singer's prominence, but can they work the same kind of unearthly magic that is Ed Sheeran live with nothing but an acoustic guitar and a loop pedal? No, no, they cannot — and that includes Ron Weasley, who is literally a wizard. Still, cashing in on the Ed Sheeran craze doesn't always work out so well — just ask the one impersonator who tried to make a move on a friend of the "Photograph" crooner's relative. Yikes.

“My cousin went on holiday with all her mates. Her mate was in a bar and this dude came up to her and said 'I have my song in on the radio and my name is Ed Sheeran,'" the singer recalled. "So she is like, 'Hold on a minute' and she goes to get my cousin and she says to the guy, 'Tell her that.'"

"And he goes, 'Yeah my name is Ed Sheeran and I have got this song on the radio,'" Sheeran continued. "And then Kathy, my cousin, just pulls out her ID and holds it up and it says 'Kathy Sheeran' and she yells out 'Look at that! Not today mate… not today.'"

Another awkward sitch occurred when a woman may have actually fell for the routine.

"We did get this random email to my manager from this girl, while we were on tour in America," the singer said. "It was like 'I think I slept with Ed last night at a festival, but I can't remember if it was him or not. If it was him, tell him he's an a--hole and if it wasn't, tell him I'm sorry for this email."

Still, Ed Sheeran, gentleman that he is, is aware that his remarks might be a little ~out there~, so he posted a disclaimer on Facebook on Friday, June 12.

"Every tongue and cheek comment [sic] I've been making recently makes news and is taken seriously," Sheeran wrote. "Apologies for any offence caused innit. But lighten up."

Of course, it was unclear if he means the impersonators story specifically, and it's more likely that h's referring to his recent jaw-droppingly NSFW comments about his own sex life, but I'll consider it a blanket statement. Ginger Jesus: The Lord and Savior of red-headed guys everywhere.

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