Someone Gave Paint Samples Hilarious New Names, And "Barney's Blood" Is The New Lilac, Y'all — PHOTOS

There's a guy who renamed paint samples and he is my hero. Is there anything worse than going to a giant store to find a good wall color? First, when you're going to pick out paints, you're definitely in a stressful place. You've moving, trying to figure out how to rearrange your furniture (or make it all fit), and spending way too much money on food because your kitchen isn't set up yet. And on top of all that, you need to figure out how to paint BEFORE you move any of your crap into the place. Plus, giant paint stores always smells a little funky.

Picking out paint (whether it's with a significant other or for you and your roommates) is a commitment. It's also ambiguous as hell, because all yellow paint samples look pretty identical. With bizarrely named paint samples, you at least have a better frame of reference for each color. You can really FEEL what color your wall would be if you chose that color. Ya know?!

These paint sample names will sell you on some colors, and talk you out of even considering others (which, honestly, sounds pretty helpful). Before you start painting, you should seriously consider "The Color Of My Tears When 'Friends' Ended" for the kitchen, and maybe even doing a "Tarantino Red" accent wall somewhere in the new place. Just steer clear of "Ugly Living Room."

Paint colors for your consideration:

Here's hoping you never opt for Barney's Blood, especially not if you're expecting a child.

Images: khouri/Flickr, Imgur