The 15 Weirdest Pop Culture-Inspired Christmas Ornaments of 2013

Pop culture fanatics obsess over their favorite TV shows, movies, or books every single day. And Christmas is no exception. For those who think about The Walking Dead's Daryl Dixon as often as they think about Santa during the holiday season, traditional Christmas trees with tinsel and ball ornaments are just too boring. Instead, these people adorn their fir trees with everything from Whovian tributes to pictures of who's who in Hollywood.

Luckily, there are plenty of bizarre, pop culture-inspired ornaments out there for people who just can't get enough of their obsession. So, in honor of the holiday and that TV show you won't stop watching on Netflix, here are some examples of great entertainment artwork to hang on your tree. Now, don't these add more pizzazz than tinsel?

Glittery Daryl Dixon

For anyone who loves The Walking Dead’s resident crossbow-wielding badass, this ornament has Dixon’s face, bragging rights, and plenty of red and black glitter — you know, so it’s not too girly.

Available from MysteresMasquerade/Etsy

The Dark Mark from 'Harry Potter'

Nothing says Christmas like… Voldemort? Perfect for those who want to fend off holiday cheer on their trees.

Available from akicafe/Etsy

Mork from 'Mork & Mindy'

It’s 2013, and Hallmark is selling an ornament featuring a character from Mork & Mindy. True, this year marks the series’ 35th anniversary, but, sorry “nano nano” fans. Nono nono.

Available from Hallmark

'Little House on the Prairie' Dolls

This DIY kit lets you create clothespin doll ornaments that look like Laura and Mary Ingalls. The seller has similar kits for other pop culture characters from beloved shows like Star Trek or Downton Abbey. Unfortunately, their faces are not included.

Available from regencyaustentation/Etsy

The Silence from 'Doctor Who'

No matter how much you love Doctor Who, you have to admit this is terrifying. It might scare Santa away, but it will bring holiday cheer to Whovians one and all.

Available from chgallery/Etsy

Kirk vs. Gorn Fight on 'Star Trek'

What a cliffhanger to hang from your tree!

Available from Hallmark

John Watson from 'Sherlock'

A slightly unflattering photo of Martin Freeman, but making a Sherlock-inspired ornament is hardly elementary.

Available from Solcrafts/Etsy

Boo "The World's Cutest Dog" Collection

Boo is cute and everything, but are you really going to hang an Internet meme on your Christmas tree? Especially one that isn’t Grumpy Cat?

Available from Macy’s

Dean Winchester from 'Supernatural' on a Sequined Egg

A photo of either of the Winchester brothers’ faces on your tree is simply not enough. If Dean doesn’t deserve an aura of gold around his face, I don’t know who does.

Available on 1Rainbowsparkle/Etsy

'Teen Beach Movie' Set

For those over 15, Teen Beach Movie was a Disney Channel original movie that aired this summer. And, for those under 15, here are ornaments you must beg your parents to buy you now.

Available from kenscreativedesigns/Etsy

'Downton Abbey' Car

Sold at Toys “R” Us. Because what 5-year-old isn’t a fan of handsome Downton driver Tom Branson?

Available from Toys “R” Us

Billy the Puppet from 'Saw'

Word of warning: If anyone you know hangs Billy from their tree, do not ask them if they want to play any holiday games.

Available from TheWoodenO/Etsy

'Star Wars' for Couples

A sweet sentiment for the couple that loves Star Wars, but everyone knows R2-D2’s heart belongs to a robot much taller and shinier than this droid.

Available from aphroditescanvas/Etsy

Personalized Angry Birds

Just so everyone knows that your family loves apps, and is a year behind on pop culture. Maybe in a year or two you can find a Candy Crush ornament.

Available from Bronner’s

'Duck Dynasty' Stocking

In case your tree is already overloaded with pop culture ornaments, you can still showcase your love of Duck Dynasty with this camouflage duck stocking, featuring one of the show’s slogans. Or you could not. Either way.

Available from A&E