Here's What You Need From Topman's SS2016 Line

Topman's latest runway collection was a decade-spanning mashup turning subcultures mainstream. The opening show for spring/summer 2016 at London Collections Men, Topman included heavy Northern Soul and New York Punk vibes without a single skinny jean in sight, the Guardian reported. Though designated as a men's collection, the pieces could happily find a home in any wardrobe.

The looks that hit the runway were a mix of wide-legged trousers and vests with patched jackets (hey-o Northern Soul) that mingled seamlessly with New York punk quotes and studded denim a la Billy Idol. This contrasting palate of moods and '70s and '80s subcultures were exactly what Gordon Richardson, Topman's design director, envisioned. He saw the collection as a reference to "good music and people having a good time," and "a chance to bring back the wider trouser." Given that the teens and millennials mostly purchasing this clothing weren't around for those movements, Richardson explained that combining style highlights from both was the best way to make the designs easily accessible and avoid feeling outdated.

All the looks debuted aren't available quite yet, but I'm going to eye Topman regularly to nab some of the pieces once they're up. Who cares if it's a "men's" brand, it could be dolphin's brand for all I care and I'd still want to wear the styles. Below are three of my saved favorites, and I suspect you'll want them, too!

1. 80s Athletic Feel Crewneck shirt

Tristan Fewings/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

SO into this athletic but chic red crewneck shirt. I'd pair it with blue washed cut off shorts or even a metallic sheer skirt.

2. Studded Punk Vest

Tristan Fewings/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

To give spring floral dresses a cool summer festival bite, I love wearing something light and flowy with a harsh vest or jacket to balance it out. This one from Topman is definitely going to be on my radar.

3. Loosely Lined Trousers

Tristan Fewings/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Annie Hall is one of my favorite movies, and this jacket plus trouser combo seems so Annie. I love the idea of pairing it with a t-shirt that gives off a harsher tattoo sleeve feel to keep the outfit less stuffy. On point.

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