Guy Falls Asleep At Work, Wakes Up A Meme

Let's set the scene: It's Friday afternoon, this guy clearly had an absolutely delicious burger for lunch because, HI, he's a human being with needs. Around 4PM, you know what sounded good to him? A nap on the company couch. So this guy fell asleep and got photoshopped by his co-workers, and they put his sleeping self everywhere. And I really mean EVERYWHERE. He's on the Birth of Venus, because Italian art seemed necessary to his journey. Other things that are necessary to his journey: cooking in a sauna, being a DJ and gracing the cover of Sleeping Beauty with his presence.

I've seen some shoddy, amateur photoshop work in my life (some of which I did) and some fantastic photoshop work. This definitely falls in the latter category. What they lack in photoshop finesse, they make up for hilarity and clear pun mastery. It's impossible not to commend the people who are disgracing famous art, forcing puns on classic movie posters and even border on sacrilege at some points. What I'm saying is, THANK YOU for your service and ingenuity, photoshop gurus.

Of all the terrors you can put someone through when they fall asleep in public—drawing on them with permanent marker, putting their hand in warm water until they pee—this is the exact right amount of torture.

May this be a warning to all of you that are about to fall asleep at your desk:

Guys. Coffee > Involuntarily desecrating the Birth of Venus.

Images: Getty Images; Imgur