You Can Make Chang's 'OITNB' Prison Meal At Home

Those of you who have already started marathoning Orange Is the New Black Season 3, know that finally the quiet inmate Chang gets to take center stage — well, as much as someone so taciturn can. Episode 6 shows us the many sides of the Chang, including flashbacks that give us an idea of why she's incarcerated in Litchfield. But, the highlight of her episode was seeing Chang cook up an ingenious meal out of peas and Fritos using just water and a microwave. As a foodie, it was pretty darn cool to see her be so resourceful in her environment to cook up something original.

Not all of us have a well-stocked kitchen with every tool known to man. Most of us are stuck at work, where there's sometimes barely a kitchen at all — and there's only so much you can do at a water cooler, right? But, Chang... she can work wonders. The episode shows her smuggling milk cartons of peas out of the cafeteria, where she joins them with a bag of crushed Fritos and hot water. Then, Chang heats the crab cake-like patties up in the microwave and — bam! — she has cooked up something yummy to enjoy while she sneaks off to watch her soap operas in the shed. How crafty is she?

In real life, a blogger has even tried Chang's recipe with delicious results. That had me wondering what else you can do with Fritos. Here are some yummy creations you can make to get in touch with your inner Chang.

1. Frito Pie

This one has always grossed me out — especially when it's made inside the bag — but people love it. It's Fritos + cheese + sauce + everything else, and it supposedly equals an awesome time. (I'll take their word for it.)

2. Frito Pie Burger

For those who want to take the Frito Pie to the next level, this burger has chili, cheese, Fritos, and more beef to satisfy you.

3. Fritos Tacos

They're actually Cherry Pepsi-braised barbacoa beef in Frito-hibiscus tortillas, and I think that's as fancy as Fritos can get.

4. Frito Chili Pizza From Papa Johns

NPR's food blog described this dish as "a pile of Fritos on a pizza" and asked all of the right questions. "This is like that fancy pizza with arugula piled on top. I guess what I'm asking is, does this count as salad?" asked Eva of the Sandwich Monday team.

5. Frito Pie Hot Dog

Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles now serves a Frito Pie Dog for all your Frito needs. According to Eater LA, it's simply a chili cheese Dodger dog with Fritos on it. The picture above shows a mac & cheese version of it, just in case there wasn't enough on the hot dog already.

6. White Corn, Asparagus, & Ham Quiche With A Frito Crust

This recipe from Frito-Lay uses the crunchy corn snack as a crust for this delicious-looking quiche.

It looks like Chang — and you — can get even more creative with Fritos than I ever thought.

Images: Screenshot/Netflix (2)