Rihanna's Latest Instagram Is Makeup Inspiration

When it comes to style, Rihanna never seems to disappoint, surprising her fans with a new look just about every day, especially on social media. Rihanna's latest Old Hollywood glam selfie, which she posted to Instagram, shows off is yet another makeup look that will have me reaching for the nearest tube of red lipstick.

RiRi took to her account to share her most recent look — red lips, a dramatic, smokey eye, and wavy red locks with a deep side part. Very Veronica Lake. All of this high-style was paired with the obvious choice of ensemble — a grey hoodie. Bet you expected her to be rocking a fancy gown, but this look is basically the perfect combination of fashion-meets-comfort, right? Rihanna left this photo captionless, but let's face it — the look says it all.

Rihanna has been a red carpet style star for a while now, and whether her outfit is stellar or slightly strange (remember that cupcake-like Grammy dress?), she always seems to wow everyone. From a cropped, pink pixie, to long red locks, Rihanna has basically tried every hairstyle known to man, and this year has been no exception. Besides the Old Hollywood waves she's currently rocking, the star has taken many styles for a spin, all of which seem to work just as perfectly as the last.

This is just the look I'm sure we hope to have when we're choosing to go to sleep with our makeup on.

Sporting the same auburn locks as her recent style, Rihanna has also been seen rocking some intense fringe and some pin straight hair.

Similar to the adorable look RiRi rocked as Pebbles at her niece's birthday party, Rihanna has been taking the more natural, curly look out for a spin, playing her hair up in a high updo that's not only flattering but really put together as well.


Rihanna was also spotted this spring in Paris with a sleek, black bob (as well as those Dior sunnies I've been obsessing over) that highlights her look perfectly.

And who can forget the reddish-brown cropped cut she rocked at the Met Gala? Though definitely not the highlight of this look, the simple cut framed Rihanna's face and made the eccentric outfit stand out even more.

RiRi certainly inspires me to get adventurous with my hair!

Images: _kyra/Instagram (2), badgalriri/Instagram (2), Getty Images