20 Surprisingly Awesome Honeymoon Destinations

When you think of perfect honeymoon destinations, a few places probably come to mind very quickly. If you're looking for something tropical with blue water and white sand, you might think of Jamaica, Aruba, or Hawaii. If you're thinking of exploring the world a bit, Paris, Florence, or Santorini probably come to mind. Or maybe you'd rather check out a city, in which case you might imagine Manhattan, London, or even Rome. There's no doubt that all of these places are amazing and would make for a spectacular vacation. But if you want to try out more unique honeymoon destinations, you should think outside the box.

A honeymoon is made even more special when you get to experience a place for the first time with your new spouse — it's exciting, and makes for some great bonding time. So why not look into one of these surprisingly awesome honeymoon destinations below? There's something for everyone, whether you're looking for a relaxing beach vacation, or something more historical and adventurous. And while some of these places may seem pricey because they're exotic, that's certainly not always the case.

Want to spend your honeymoon in a cool spot in the United States? There are some awesome places you may not have thought of right here. Prefer to traipse through Europe or another continent? That's here too. Check out these 20 awesome and unique honeymoon destinations, and get excited for one of the best trips of your life.

1. Quebec, Canada

If you're looking for more of a European adventure than a tropical getaway, but you can't afford a huge trip, Canada is a great option. Quebec is a French-speaking city that will make you feel like you're in Europe. If you choose a winter vacation, Quebec has some of the best skiing and snowboarding out there, as well as great winter festivals. If you choose to go in the warmer months, make sure you check out the Festival d'ete de Quebec, as well as the beautiful parks and museums.

2. Woodstock, Vermont

Vermont is seriously underrated, and is actually a total gem in the Northeast that would make for a romantic and fun honeymoon location. Vermont is known for its quaint New England towns and maple syrup, but also for the gorgeous landscapes and mountains. If your honeymoon is during the summer, you can hike, explore, and obviously eat a lot of Ben & Jerry's. During the winter, you can enjoy some of the best skiing in the Northeast.

3. Valencia, Spain

Valencia is a Spanish city on the coast of the Mediterranean that offers rich history, bustling cities, and gorgeous views. Valencia is also the birthplace of paella, so if you and your new spouse are foodies, you will definitely enjoy the cuisine. Visit the nearby city of Colon, where you can find museums and shops, or the city of Alicante, which offers beautiful views of the Mediterranean.

4. Austin, Texas

While certainly not as exotic as Spain, Austin still offers a whole lot to do. If you're looking for something more fast-paced and fun, go here. Austin offers tons of great restaurants, lots of nightlife, and great culture. There are natural swimming holes to explore, and music to enjoy.

5. Tanzania, Africa

If you want adventures in nature and some great beach days somewhere far away, check out Tanzania. There are over 25,000 large mammals living there, offering up some seriously amazing animal-watching opportunities you won't get anywhere else. After a safari, spend some time relaxing on a gorgeous beach.

6. Boulder, Colorado

Nature lovers will fall in love with Colorado, which offers beautiful lakes, gorgeous parks, and of course, lots of mountains. Colorado is a great option whether you're going in the summer or the winter. There's so much to explore and check out. It's also really chill, so you can relax completely.

7. Charleston, South Carolina

If Southern charm is your thing, you need to make your honeymoon happen in Charleston. It's the oldest city in South Carolina, and offers up a ton of history. You can explore the city or the seaside, so there really is something for everyone.

8. Montenegro

Montenegro is a gorgeous getaway on the Adriatic Sea that was a famous vacation spot for celebrities in the '70s. There is so much to do, from exploring cities to hiking forests and rivers to relaxing on the beach.

9. Yosemite, California

Instead of heading to southern California to be with the crowds in Los Angeles or Malibu, try checking out the more northern part of the state. Yosemite National Park makes an amazing honeymoon destination for adventurous couples who love to be outdoors. There is endless exploring and unbelievably beautiful views all around.

10. Cuba

Want to have a seriously unique honeymoon? Go to Cuba. We've never been able to travel there before, so now is your chance to really explore this country before a lot of hotels and companies get their hands on it. Enjoy a lot of old cars, culture, history, and so much more.

11. Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland may not be the first country that comes to mind when thinking of a honeymoon spot, but for the couple looking for something different, it should be. Not only is it not even that far away (it's only a five hour flight from Boston!), it offers untouched nature, along with a good look at the Northern Lights. Reykjavik is the largest community in Iceland, and offers plenty of culture and nature with an amazing nightlife.

12. Northumberland, United Kingdom

Travel to a different part of the U.K., and check out Northeast England's coastal region in Northumberland. It's a hidden gem that features gorgeous beaches and spectacular castles, as well as islands for seal spotting. There's also nightlife and plenty of shopping.

13. Copenhagen, Denmark

Experience Scandinavian culture in this epic city that features lots of cozy hangouts, museums, elegant palaces, and of course, gorgeous landscapes and views. It's definitely a very different honeymoon spot, but one you won't forget.

14. Alaska

If you're into nature, Alaska is definitely a place you need to see. You can't get much better than the beautiful views you'll find in this state. It also boasts lots of wildlife, glaciers, mountains, and of course, tax-free shopping. Take a cruise to Alaska if you're into that, or just travel here to explore.

15. Croatia

Croatia has been described as a hidden gem of the Mediterranean, and it's not hard to see why. This small country has been gaining more and more popularity, so you better head there now before it gets out of hand. There are spectacular beaches, and of course tons of history.

16. Sea Island, Georgia

You know all about Atlanta, but what about the small islands off the coast of Georgia? Sea Island is actually a luxury resort, and while it's definitely pricey, it's also an amazing place to visit thanks to its prime spot on the Atlantic Ocean. There's golf, spas, horseback riding, and tours of the marshes, as well as great dining options.

17. Portland, Maine

Maine may be far up in the Northeast of the United States, but it's also a gorgeous location that offers a relaxing vacation spot. Forget about the fact that Maine is known for its delicious seafood (especially lobster). There's so much to do here, from hanging at the beach to exploring nature. Portland is a picture-perfect charming New England city that offers dining, shopping, and boat tours, among other things.

18. Hiddensee Island, Germany

Step back in time a little bit on this hidden gem in the Baltic Sea. Hiddensee Island uses bikes and horse and carriages as the only forms of transportation, so you know this will be a very relaxing place to go. Hang on the beach, or walk through one of the many pine forests.

19. Fire Island, New York

Fire Island is easily one of Long Island's best kept secrets, and also one of my absolute favorite vacation destinations. It's not typically thought of as a honeymoon spot, but I don't see why not. Similar to Hiddensee Island, there are no cars on Fire Island, which is very tiny. Wedged in between the Atlantic Ocean and the Great South Bay, it's only a ferry ride away from the mainland of L.I., but feels worlds away. The beaches are gorgeous, there's great seafood, and if you want to relax, I can't think of a better place.

20. Malta

If you want to visit the Amalfi Coast of Italy but don't want to be with the crowds, try Malta. This tiny country not far from the coast of Italy offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. There is so much to explore, and if you want something quiet, go to Gozo, a remote island.