8 Amazing T-Swift Concert Collaborations

Back when I first heard “Teardrops On My Guitar,” as a young, impressionable teen, I never dreamed that this curly-haired, sparkly dress-wearing newcomer that I so identified with would completely dominate the music scene. I guess my mind was just not big enough to truly comprehend Taylor Swift's power and her allure to her musical peers. Yet, years later, here she is, touring the world and, now, collaborating with fellow musical acts both big and small; at the Philadelphia stop of her 1989 Tour, Taylor Swift sang “Fight Song” with Rachel Platten. While you may have caught T-Swift singing along with Platten backstage on her Instagram account, this time the duo were front and center, belting out the anthem in front of a full house of fans.

If you haven’t yet watched the footage of this superb duet, you can check it out below. I urge that you do, and then suggest that we all start and sign a petition for this collaboration to make it to the radio airwaves. It’s too good of a thing to pass up, right? Actually, now that I think about it, it’s hard to find one concert collaboration Swift has done that I haven’t fallen in love with. So, in honor of Tay, her musical versatility, and her awesome concerts, here are eight other amazing tour collaborations Swift has totally rocked the house with:

1. Taylor Swift and Hayley Williams, "That's What You Get"

This. Is. Everything.

2. Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj, "Super Bass"

It's a quality performance, if you can get past the manic audience screaming for the first 45 seconds or so...

3. Taylor Swift and Hunter Hayes, "I Want Crazy"

They sound so good together, I smell an album collaboration in the future. You know, when Tay returns to country music.

4. Taylor Swift and John Rzeznik, "Iris"

*Holds up lighter* *Sobs*

5. Taylor Swift and Tyler Glenn, "Everybody Talks"

I was there for this one. Yes, it was just as cool as it seemed.

6. Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran, "Everything Has Changed"

I, like you, am patiently awaiting the day they become a two-person band because this performance? A+.

7. Taylor Swift and Dan Reynolds, "Radioactive"


8. Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez, "Jenny From The Block"

Play this video at my funeral, please.

Keep those collabs coming, Tay. Each one is better than the last.