Here's Why Dads Make The Best BFFs Around

When it comes to friendships, you will never find a better friend than your dad. He has always wanted you to find success, happiness, and the fulfillment you've been looking for, and for these reasons, your dad is the best friend you will ever have. Dad knows you better than most — maybe even more than you know yourself. He's seen your ups, helped you through your downs, and will forever protect you from physical and emotional predators.

Dad has lived. Dad has loved. And Dad has acquired a spectacular amount of wisdom in his many years on Earth. Perhaps at one point (most likely during your bratty, rebellious teen years), you dismissed any nuggets of life expertise your dad tried to toss your way because he was just an out-of-touch guy with gray hair who couldn't possibly know more than you. Now that you're older and a wee bit more worse for the wear, you know that Dad was always right, and you really should've listened to him. That guy he didn't think was good enough for you? He was right. That boss who treated you like garbage for months whom you tried endlessly to impress? That job wasn't right for you anyway. Dad will always root for you, and will do whatever is in his power to help you find eternal happiness. In honor of Father's Day, here are all the reasons why your dad is the best friend you will ever have.

1. He is your biggest cheerleader

Every little thing you've ever done has made him proud. Anything remotely cool you will ever do will make him proud. As long as you're pursuing something that will fulfill you, he will feel fulfilled too.

2. He only ever wants to see you smile

Since you popped your tiny bald baby head into the world, his sole mission has been to make you smile. He has done ridiculous, outrageously dorky things to make that happen. And here's the thing — as your dad, he will do that until his final breath.

3. He will want to defeat your enemies

Anyone who has ever crossed you, broken your heart, looked at you the wrong way — Dad probably wanted their address so he could locate and destroy them. You are his miracle and his purpose, and rational thinking goes out the window when your feelings are hurt.

4. He knows the you that few others know

There are very few people in your life who have seen ALL of your trials and tribulations. That time you cut your own bangs and they were totally uneven? He was there. That time you dated the "bad boy" who played the drums, rode a motorcycle, and ripped your heart in no less than five pieces just like Dad said he would? Dad was there to pick up all those delicate pieces, and he didn't say, "I told you so."

5. You make him his best self

Anything good inside him comes from you. And in turn, everything good about you probably comes directly from him. Make sure you thank him for that.

Image: Rolands Lakis/Flickr; Giphy (5)