7 Classic Kid-Styles Prince George Needs To Wear

Today marks a critical fashion moment in the history of the British royal family: famous baby and international celebrity Prince George is wearing Crocs. People reports that George, the 23-month-old son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and Prince William, spent a day watching his dad play a polo match as part of England's Festival of Polo, as one does (when one is a British royal). What's cute about the event is that Prince George attended the match in a pair of baby Crocs, which are, if you're unfamiliar, the famous rubber clogs. They're practical. They're comfortable. They're the shoe of choice for a lot of parents when dressing their babies — millionaire royals or not.

So guys, George is truly a man of the people and a man of style. In support of Prince George's embrace of these fashion sensibilities, here are a number of other essential kid-styles that he might consider embracing.

Light-up sneakers

Light-up shoes are making a comeback! These are pretty trendy.

Clashing patterns

This is what you thought you looked like when your parents gave up and started letting you dress yourself in assorted plaid-and-floral ensembles. Power-clashing is in. #Flawless

A superhero costume

For the days when you wake up feeling like Batman, and you need your appearance to match your emotional reality. Prince George would look so cute out and about in this ensemble.

A rad backpack

Essential snack storage, with style.


Parents have been repurposing too-short jeans into jean shorts since before recycling was cool.

A classic kid haircut

Bonus points if it's a DIY job. PG with blunt bangs, please!

A tie-dye t-shirt

Preferably hand-crafted at sleepaway camp.

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