7 'Even Stevens' Lessons From Big Sister Ren, Because She Was The Wise Older Sister We All Wanted

From my teen years into college, Disney Channel's Even Stevens was one of my favorite shows. It had an advanced kind of humor, wacky and beyond its years. Celebrating its 15th anniversary, Even Stevens contrasted the scheming slacker Louis (Shia LaBeouf) with his overachieving sister Ren, who taught us so many lessons about being a big sister. Despite Louis and Ren's differences, they always supported each other and found common ground. And aside from Ren's book smarts, she was always willing to learn lessons about the world.

In a video interview with Perez Hilton earlier this year, Ren's portrayer Christy Carlson Romano speculated on what Ren Stevens would be up to today in 2015. "I think she'd probably be working for Hillary Clinton on her newest campaign," she said with a laugh in the video. "She'd want to try to become an aide or on the cabinet of foreign affairs or a lobbyist for something that would help people's lives. I would hope that Ren would be the type of person who would want to help people and not try to be elitist." I think that prediction is right on target.

Even back in the day, Ren was a smart gal. Here are all the big sister lessons we learned from her.

1. Sometimes Things Don't Go As Planned

Especially when there's a plant stuck to your hair. In front of a guy you like. Not the greatest timing, but you just have to go with it.

2. You Need To Draw Boundaries

Even with family. Louis isn't the best boundary respecter, but Ren has always made it very clear where she stands.

3. Family Should Stick Together During Turbulent Times

The family that runs away from crazy chairs together, stays together. Louis and Ren certainly have stuck together during so many of his nutty schemes.

4. Sometimes You Need A Song To Get Your Facts Straight

It really does help, especially in the beloved musical episode.

5. Sometimes You Just Get Pranked

bishopberkley on YouTube

Beans! Of course it was him.

6. It's OK To Stumble

deputyseal409 on YouTube

As long as you pick yourself back up later.

7. The World Needs Diversity

Justin James on YouTube

Because a world filled with just you can get kinda weird.

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