12 Unique Bookends To Give Your Bookshelf Some Extra Personality

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There's nothing quite like a beautiful, perfectly organized library, whether you prefer rows of rainbow color-coded bookshelves or walls stacked high with volumes of books. But even if you don't have the library of your dreams (yet), it's easy to add some oomph to your bookshelves with just a couple unique bookends. By adding some interest to your paper-filled shelves, bookends help to make your space look less cluttered, and therefore make you look more cultured.

With the right bookends, you may even feel inclined to (gasp!) downsize your bookshelves — the right way, of course so you can properly display old favorites and make room for new tomes. Your library, whether it's small or grand, is in for a welcome update.

Photo: Etsy.com

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