7 Reasons Zayn Malik Should Return To 1D

It has been three months since Zayn Malik left One Direction to return to his life as an ordinary 22-year-old, and we're still not over it. How could we be? Instead of fading into obscurity like he wanted, Malik has drawn international attention for cutting and then dyeing his hair, releasing a solo single with Naughty Boy, and going places with his fiancée Perrie Edwards of Little Mix fame. He's also gotten into a rather public Twitter feud with former bandmate Louis Tomlinson that was resolved off the Internet with a maturity that the rest of the Twitterverse wishes they hadn't employed because we were all watching with popcorn. In any event, it has been three months since Malik left the band and fans are still not over it, if the #ZaynIsComingBack hashtag that exploded onto Twitter over the weekend is any indication.

Sadly, the 22-year-old appears to have no intention of returning to the band anytime soon. And I don't blame him. Three months might seem like a long time to us, but it's been no time at all for him — and is especially not comparable to the five years he spent with the band — so he hasn't even had proper time to fade into obscurity yet. How can he truly decide if he prefers his life without the band if he hasn't had the proper time to enjoy it?

However, there are very compelling reasons for why Malik should come back to the band, reasons that include but are not limited to these seven.

1. They're His Brothers


One Direction has always functioned as more than just a band; they're a family. The love these boys have for each other is clear in their every interview, in their every interaction, in their every antic. They support and love one another like brothers, keeping each other sane while they're touring far away from their real families, and I can't imagine how hard it must have been for Malik to walk away from all that.

2. He'll Never Truly Be Free From The Band


Let's be real. You can't just quit a band like One Direction. Malik might not be making 1D music anymore, but he'll still be best known as "that boy from One Direction" or "that boy that left One Direction" or "that boy that used to be in One Direction." That whole normal 22-year-old thing was never in the cards for him, and it's pretty optimistic of him to think that leaving the band means leaving fame.

3. It Would Make The Fans Really Happy


Really happy. Like, really happy. This adjustment period of seeing a One Direction that has four members instead of five has been great and everything, but I don't think anyone would complain about having it come to an abrupt end with Malik rejoining the band. Please, thanks, bye.

4. He Might Have A Better Experience


Malik has been through a lot as a member of One Direction. He gets no privacy, he's frequently attacked on social media, and there have been several incidents of horrific racism propagated against him as the only person of color in the band. If he were to return, I like to believe that he would have a much better experience, and receive much better treatment from the Internet. I mean, we wouldn't want him to quit again.

5. The Fan Wars Would Calm Down


The Directioners were like a family once. Now they are torn between people who are Team Malik And Naughty Boy, Team One Direction, Team One Direction Including Malik, Team Malik But Not Naughty Boy, and Team Can't We All Just Get Along. Not that the fandom was very good at getting along before, but Malik rejoining the band would definitely help.

6. He And Perrie Edwards Could Collaborate


Imagine, if you will, a new single featuring Little Mix and One Direction, with Malik and Edwards taking lead vocals. Imagine this, and now wonder why it isn't happening right now.

7. Music Is In His Soul

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As he proved from the release of his solo single with Naughty Boy, Malik is a talented musician. The music is in his soul. That's why he tried out for X Factor, and that's why he was so happy with One Direction up until March 2015. He's a musician, and he should be allowed to freely do music. Except not solo. He should do it with a band. And I have just the band in mind for him.

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