Is Zayn Coming Back To One Direction?

The world changed forever on March 25, 2015. From that day forward, music just wasn't the same... OK, that sounds pretty drastic, but I'm talking about what happened when Zayn Malik announced that he was leaving One Direction. After five years spent with the ridiculously famous boy band, he decided to take some time for himself. In that time, he's had a solo song leaked, participated in a few Twitter feuds, and sported bright green hair. Well, now it's three months later and a rumor is spreading that Zayn may be returning to 1D. Could it be true?

Thanks to a popular Twitter hashtag #ZaynIsComingBack, fans are speculating about whether the missing Directioner will finally rejoin the group. While the other band members have (mostly) been supportive of his departure, I'm sure they'd welcome him back with open arms. After all, the band was like a brotherhood.

There doesn't seem to be a ton of solid evidence that he's returning, but fans are using the fact that Zayn's bio is back up on the official One Direction site as proof that good news is on the way. When I looked at the site, he did have a bio on the page, but I don't check the 1D website enough to know whether the bio was actually ever taken off.

Other fans claim that Naughty Boy (who's been working with Zayn) posted and then deleted a tweet implying Zayn was leaving him to go back to 1D. That doesn't sound like the most concrete proof. Honestly, there's no way to know what's going on until the band actually announces it themselves. In the meantime, you can just enjoy reading fans' tweets about it. Here are a few highlights:

I decided to investigate the rest of the claims in that last tweet. While the Zayn bio one may be true, the announcement about him leaving is still on the One Direction Facebook page. Plus, I couldn't find a verified Perrie Edwards Google+ account (Edwards is Malik's fiance), so I'm not too sure that that's true either. There also haven't been any updates on Simon Cowell's Twitter about needing to make an announcement...

So, what's my conclusion? Nobody really knows if he's coming back, but hopefully we'll have an answer soon! Either way, it's great that the band is continuing to perform together and not breaking up, regardless of what Zayn decides. Although if those #ZaynIsComingBack tweets are any indication, Twitter really wants this news to be true.