9 Puppies Experiencing the Beach For The First Time, Just To Remind You That Magic Is Real — VIDEO

Do you remember the first time you went to the beach? Probably not. You were probably a big dumb baby slobbering everywhere and pooping yourself. That being the case, you definitely had that thing that happens to babies who go into the ocean wearing their diaper, where the diaper absorbs so much sea water it becomes totally engorged and hangs down between their knees, making them look even stupider than they do just by virtue of looking like a baby. Fortunately for these puppies at the beach for the first time, they don't have to wear diapers, so they don't have this problem. But they are just as adorable and dumb and clumsy as human babies in the sand.

These puppies all have one thing in common: They think everything is amazing. Even if they're a bit scared of the waves at first, or disgusted by the taste of salt water, they all (as all puppies should be) are about to puke themselves with excitement. Note to future self: when getting a puppy, be sure to record said puppy's first beach experience. Pure, unbridled joy will ensue. So in the spirit of summer, check out some puppies discovering sand and salt water for the first time.

1. This adorable family of pups who learned about the taste of salt water the hard way

Avec Lespoir For the lovers of French Bulldogs on YouTube

2. This overly excited puppy who just can't even

lila jones on YouTube

3. This little guy who is too fast for the camera

Photogaze on YouTube

4. This little babe learning about waves

SV Second Wind on YouTube

5. This puppy who is confused but also having the best day of his life

ChemKnits Tutorials on YouTube

6. This puppy who can't even believe how awesome hanging out at the beach with his dad is

TheBbjazz on YouTube

7. This puppy who is just not having it

Kristina Vlogs on YouTube

8. This puppy who just wants to run

Hanna Ashton-Lawson on YouTube

9. This tiny guy who is just getting high on life

Hisgirl813 on YouTube

Is it just me, or is everything right with the world now? (You're welcome.)