Best Moments From ‘Queen Of The Desert’ Trailer

by Emily Lackey

If you love strong women and the idea of handsome men fawning all over them, you are going to love this: Nicole Kidman and Robert Pattison's Queen of the Desert trailer is finally — finally! — here, and it has enough awesomeness to keep you giddy for weeks. I’ve watched it five times already this morning, and I can’t stop squealing in my seat every time R. Patz pops up on the screen with that beautiful, sand-dusted face of his. But there is way more to love in this movie than just the dudes in the trailer. The film stars Nicole Kidman, Robert Pattison, and James Franco, and it's Werner Herzog’s most recent. The movie is a biopic about the famous cartographer, Gertrude Bell, who negotiated with Arab nations and helped create the countries of Iraq and Jordan.

That’s right. She, like, created a couple of countries. And you thought your game was tight. Can you understand my enthusiasm now? And can you also now understand why I have already made a list of all of the awesome moments from this trailer? I mean, what else am I going to do with my Monday morning? Watch the entire season of Orange is the New Black again? (Actually, that’s not a bad idea…)

BUT, BEFORE I GET CARRIED AWAY, here is the list of some of the trailer’s best moments. Watch it, love it, enjoy it. The release date isn’t set yet, but the trailer alone will be enough to inspire you on this very Monday morning.

1. Nicole Kidman’s face in response to some guy saying that a woman out in the desert alone is dangerous

This face says it all. Specifically: Nice try, buddy. Go have another glass of sherry while I go form a freaking nation.

2. The Travel Tips

You know explorers have to pack lightly, and I’m glad that Kidman’s wardrobe seems to reflect the reality of her situation.

3. A room full of aristocrats toasting a woman

You don’t see that every day.

4. That house

Downton Abbey has nothing on this one.

5. This little smirk at the mention of going to Tehran

I love a woman who loves an adventure. Here’s hoping for more Kidman smirks throughout the film, especially if it starts to veer away from her diplomatic work and into a sappy love story.

6. Robert Pattinson in the sunshine

Somehow he still sparkles.

7. This girl, getting dirty

So glad to see realistic shots of Bell, and not just statuesque angles of her on horseback.

8. “Even if you do not hear from me for several months, pay no attention and send no one.”


9. All of these dudes loving her

Robert Pattinson, James Franco, this random guy improperly dressed for the desert. I’m hoping she rejects them all. Sorry, boos. Gotta go build a country.

10. These adorable little kitty cats


11. The STUNNING scenery

The wide pans across the gorgeous landscape might be reason enough to go see this one. Throw in a kick ass woman and a bunch of men following her around like lovesick fools, and I AM IN.

12. Seriously, so many dudes wanted her

13. Nicole Kidman with no (or at least minimal) makeup

Because there’s no way a female explorer spent her mornings having that stuff professionally done. Watch the trailer below.

Image: Atlas Distribution Company (14)