7 Backhanded Compliments Curly Girls Hate

Lately I've been rocking my curly hair after years of cult-like devotion to my straightening iron. Since I dyed my hair a very unnatural red almost five years ago, I've been fixated on keeping it healthy while still bleaching and dying the crap out of it, and allowing it to air-dry into its natural shape has definitely been my saving grace. Although I'm majorly digging my curls, I've quickly learned that not everyone gets it, as evidenced by the reactions I've recently received.

Although a head full of ringlets might spur a friendly conversation with another curly-haired babe (I'm always interested in learning new tips!), many people feel it's their prerogative to slip in a not-so-nice comment when you're really feeling yourself. Whether they actually think they're flattering your luscious mane or they're trying to intentionally get their digs in, nine times out of 10 the "praise" is actually a backhanded compliment (or as I call them, a "nompliment").

Here's a great daily lesson for those who don't know the agony and ecstasy of curly hair: Don't hate, appreciate. Feel free to say things like, "I love your hair," "Your hair looks fabulous," or something similar. Want to know what will quickly get you on a curly-haired girl's shit list? Read on to know what not to say:

1. "Wow, that's a... look."

Yes, and the brutal one I'm about to give you is going to make Cersei Lannister proud.

2. "You look so good when you straighten your hair!"

Damn right I do! And I also look good with my curls, which are currently on my head.

3. "Only you could make curly hair look good."

What, so everyone else in the world with curly hair looks bad?

4. "You look so exotic!"

Um... thanks. New Jersey is a really exotic place to be from.

5. "You're so brave to wear your hair like that!"

You're right! Where's my damn parade?

6. "You look like a hippie!"

Unless there's a flower crown and a tie-dye ensemble involved, you're probably not meeting your first hippie. Peace, man.

7. "I could never pull that off!"

Do you really want to live a life subscribed to "pulling off" culture?Images: Liz Black; thelizblack, gabifresh, kellyaugustineb, juliehenderson32, mayralouise, readytostare/Instagram