North West's Sassiest Moments

It's so hard to believe that North West has been gracing this planet with her presence for two years already. She's growing up so fast! On June 15, Kim Kardashian's firstborn turned two years old, and for those two years, she has dominated far more of my thoughts than any celebrity baby should. But it's not my fault North is so adorable — or so sassy. Of course, with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West for parents, she was bound to be packed with personality, and now that she's getting older, it's becoming more and more obvious that she's probably going to be cooler than them. Sorry, Mom and Dad, but it's totally true. Not only is North one of the most fashionable tots ever, but she also has the most attitude.

And although I'm already imagining North's future Keeping Up With the Kardashians spinoff when she's a teenager and ready to take over the world, for now I'm good with enjoying her toddlerhood. As often as her mom likes to share photos on Instagram, I have a feeling we'll be watching her grow up for years to come, and she will always be mildly annoyed by the things going on around her.

In celebration of North turning two, it's the perfect time to remember some of her sassiest moments. And trust me — there are a lot of them.

When She Became A Musician

Have you ever seen someone play a piano this dramatically — especially someone who is probably too young to even say the word "piano?"

When She Wore Leather

Clearly, North is stylish, but her sassy facial expressions always complete her outfits. She's probably thinking, "My parents are rich and I seriously have to carry my own tap shoes?" I get it, North. Life isn't fair.

When She Refused To Walk Through The Airport

So she rode her suitcase out instead... and everyone around her just let it happen. OK, fine. It was adorable.

When She Was So Done With The Paparazzi

No photos, please. Unless you'd like to pay for them in ice cream.

When She And Her Dad Were BOTH Done With The Paparazzi

Can you blame them, though?

When She Wasn't In The Mood To Hug Kanye

I'm pretty sure she just wanted to get down and walk, because she's an independent woman.

When She Was Done Being A Kanye West Advertisement

She loves her dad, but who wants to wear Yeezy tour merch 24/7?

When She Couldn't Understand Why Kim Thought An All White Outfit Was A Good Choice For A Toddler

Same, North. Same.