7 Bedhead Looks For The Ultimate Lazy Girl

by Christie Drozdowski

If you needed more proof that bedhead hair is actually a trend, then look no further than the hashtag itself on Instagram. With well over one-million posts featuring people sharing their greatest, messiest looks without shame, I think we've got a winner, guys.

This is probably the best news I could ever get when it comes to fashion, since I've long yearned for the days when messy hair would be totally acceptable, judgment free. For one, I'm rocking a hairstyle that I literally don't have to brush; and two, I love the fact that other people are acknowledging that wild and crazy hair is one of the best (and easiest) ways to go!

Now, I know there are already tutorials and tips out there to teach people how to get a great "bedhead" look, but honestly, my personal favorite way is the "wake up and go" method. Although of course adding a little sea salt spray to get that beachy look is totally cool, too.

When it comes to the best bedhead styling celebs, look to ladies like U.K. fashion "it" girl Alexa Chung, Kate Hudson, or Gwyneth Paltrow. They all have a natural and effortless look that basically says, "I don't really care," and yet they are still lauded for being ultra stylish.

"Meh head" is another term the fashion world is using to identify the look these days, as so many "non-hair" styles were making it out on the runway during New York Fashion Week earlier this year. So lazy girls, rejoice with me! Our time is now. Let's celebrate with some killer "bedhead" looks for inspiration.

1. Short Hair Bedhead

She's got a look of surprise on her face, but everybody who has ever rocked a pixie understands what hair sticking up on your head is like in the mornings. The thing is, all she needs to do is spray a little hairspray on, and she's good to go for the day. No need to hop in that shower and ruin your tresses, girl.

2. Long Hair Bedhead

So maybe it doesn't stick up on top of your head, but long hair bedhead still definitely exists and it's often combined with some curly bits and some straight bits. And it's always fabulous.

3. Up Do Bedhead

The mantra for bedheaded girls is basically #wokeuplikethis, and I couldn't think of a better way to share our natural beauty. Can't you just see the fearlessness in each of these women's eyes as they share there best bedhead looks?

4. Bangs Growing Out Bedhead

I mean, what else are you going to do with those pesky little bangs that can't figure out which side of your face they want to fall? Especially when you can't decide if you're going to trim them up again or see where the no-bangs look gets you. Answer? Bedhead.

5. Beach Chic Bedhead

Probably the most wanted look in the "meh hair" category — in terms of how many articles there are out there on how to achieve "beach hair" — this is a great way to show that you're taking your tresses seriously and letting them do what they want to. A bit of curl here, some straighter pieces there. It's all a matter of perception!

6. Topknot Bedhead

It's like, "Yes, I was hanging out in my room before bed with my hair out of the way, and I fell asleep, and this is what happened when I woke up." See? Don't you just love the "no-worries" vibe?

7. Curly Short Hair Bedhead

Gloriously all over the place, this look gives the appearance that you actually took all the time and effort to get each of those pieces exactly where they are. When really, all you did was wake up and snap that gorgeous photo! Natural and seemingly careless, each one of these hairstyles makes a perfect example of what bedhead is all about.

Whether you love spending time and product on your hair or not — because either way is awesome — it's always good to know that any way you choose to rock your locks is destined to be rad.

Images: Getty; aphroditesmane, seekingjazzorsexorsoup, ashleebrie, isthatsabrinalagden, ninaluca_, gingerly_miss, tavialw, littlflex /Instagram