Jessica and CaCee's Daughters Are Already Besties

Jessica Simpson's Instagram pics never seem to disappoint, amiright? But I guess that's what happens when you regularly share photos of your super hot husband and your super cute kids — the latter of whom just so happen to be mini-models in training. (Sigh... can I just have her life already?) Case in point: this weekend, the pop star/designer shared a photo of her 3-year-old Maxwell holding on tight to best friend CaCee Cobb's daughter Wilder, and looking all sorts of adorable. It's pretty obvious from the pic that Maxwell and Wilder are destined to be best friends, just like their moms. But just in case there was any confusion on that front, Jess made it pretty clear in her caption: "Maxwell and Wilder," she wrote. "A dream come true for me and @caceecobb #DoubleBFF."

For the record, I'm not the only one who had a serious case of Awws over this. The photo was shared Sunday, and has already racked up over 77,000 likes and hundreds of comments from Jess' 1.7 million followers. "Jessica your daughter is beautiful, she looks a lot like you," wrote noemidel73, while hollylynn518 added, "Literally the cutest!!!! I'm in love. I'd be her nanny any day!!!" Still, others were slightly up in arms over just how genetically blessed the pair really are, with Instagrammer chrisssmo writing, "Honestly how the EFF is a celebrity child this cute it's not fair." (Yikes, chill out, dude.)

Adorable right? Compared to their moms' long-running friendship, these two are total newbs at the whole BFF thing, but we're willing to bet they'll get there pretty fast. Baby Wilder was just born to Cobb and Donald Faison this past April, when she joined big brother Rocco, now almost 2. And in case you were wondering, Rocco also happens to be cute as a button:

Sure, little Wilder may not be able to even speak yet, but it in the meantime, she can take plenty of silent pointers on Instagram stardom from her older BFF, Maxwell. After all, the famous tot has been mugging for the camera and making us all go googly-eyed over her for a while now. Take these cute shots of her just last week, striking some serious poses while hitting the pool:

Or how about this one, when Mom caught her planting a big one right on the lips of one very lucky little dude:

And now that Maxwell has an official BFF, well... we definitely have a lot more cuteness coming our way. Looks like another celeb bestie duo is gonna have some competition. Ahem: