Chris Pratt Gets Scared By Dinosaur Prank

There are probably a lot of celebrities out there who seem nice in their movies, but have a very different personality in real life. However, I'm willing to put money on the table right now that Chris Pratt isn't one of them. And I have proof! When Pratt was pranked with life-size dinosaurs by the group SA Wardega, from Poland, he was not only laughing at himself, but was also kind, gracious, and complimentary toward the guys and the great job that they'd done, y'know... utterly terrifying him with a couple of fake dinosaurs. There's video of the incident, and it starts with the pranksters getting set up in their very realistic and creepy looking dinosaur costumes, and planting themselves in an area Pratt would have to walk through to get to the Berlin premiere of Jurassic World.

You can see him walking through the hallway, talking to his team, when all of a sudden A DINOSAUR leaps out at him, obviously scaring the crap out of him. But after Pratt's initial impulse to make a fist and defend the rest of his group — look at the way he puts out his arm to keep the attacker at bay! — the dude is nothing but sweet. He keeps telling the pranksters over and over what a good job they did scaring him, interacting with the dinosaurs, asking where they got the costumes, and smiling and swearing through it all.

And this is especially sweet because it seems like he doesn't even know the guys! He asks them for their names, and then, when he finds out they're the same group responsible for the Spider Dog video, he's really impressed, and congratulates them. Watch the video and see for yourself.

I just can't imagine being that kind and charismatic 30 seconds after getting my heart stopped by fear, so serious kudos to Pratt for being an awesome sport. Also, now we all know how to say eff you in Polish, so it's been a big day all around.