Goodbye Snuggie, Hello Life-Size Chunky Knits

It's summer, which is the time to come out from under the blanket, the pillow fort, the cushions, and show off your bikini bod. In theory. But what I love more than bikini season, more than feeling the sand between my toes, and more than drinking Pina Coladas at the beach, is my bed. Sorry, but I'm from New England and big blankets and bulky sweaters are my greatest necessities. Ukraine-based designer Anna Mo's chunky knit blankets have giant, three-inch stitches, and they are the type of comfort I dream about when the air-conditioning at the grocery store is turned up to 300%.

She knits the blankets (and sweaters and scarves) with custom-made, two inch needles. Mo began knitting handmade creations at her design job. Each of her products is 100% Australian Merino wool, which is ideal for wearing against bare skin. Essentially, her products perfectly highlight the fact that you don't need to be wearing anything under that blanket. And that a bra under a sweater is practically redundant.

Mo told us her inspiration comes from "Japanese and Scandinavian minimalistic design," and that she learns most by experimenting with all natural materials. For anyone working on their craft, she says, "Keep on experimenting and find something new."

Mo is often running specials like free shipping, and even sells DIY items if you want to try your hand at making oversized blankets yourself. You never know, maybe you'll find that you're a born again knitter. Here are 10 knit pieces you need to lust after, some of which are available on her Etsy shop:

1. A blanket that's as tall as you are

See what I mean about the free shipping?!

2. The perfect amount of red decor in your apartment

The only way to be a true ~lady in red~.

3. Knit pillows that go with anything and everything

I'm thirsting after these and will continue to do so for the next 3 weeks.

4. The chunkiest bed covering in the world

$320, Etsy

5. An infinitely chunkier infinity scarf

$79, Etsy

6. A knit phone case

"Baby, it's cold outside." - Me to my iPhone

7. A gigantic knit bag

$100, Etsy

8. Minimalist chain scarf

Something to make you the envy of anyone with an average infinity scarf.

9.The pom pom hat of your dreams

$70, Etsy

If a pom pom hat is what you've been dreaming about, that is.

10. A V neck sweater fit for the gods

$400, Etsy

... That you definitely wouldn't need a bra under.

For more from Anna Mo, check out her Etsy page.

Images: Anna.Mo.Ohhio/Instagram(5), Ohhio/Etsy(5)