Sometimes We CAN Have Nice Things

Sometimes, straightforwardly nice things are nice. No snark, no bite, just cuddling with a hot mug of tea and un-ironically watching The Little Princess — or like Cards for Humanity, "the card game for wonderful people." It's the game night equivalent of friendship bracelets and sleep kittens, and I'm this close to visiting its Kickstarter page and just yelling "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!" at it.

The game, created in part as a response to the hilariously wicked Cards Against Humanity game, is fairly straightforward. One player reads a questions from a blue card — a warm and fuzzy question, like "What is your next adventure?" or "What would you wish on a falling star?" The other players each write down their answers on a yellow card, and the question-reader gets a point for every answer they correctly match to a player. So far they've raised not quite $4,000 of their $18,500 goal; if they succeed in raising that much by July 5, the money will go towards all the costs involved in bringing the game to life — as well as funding "meaningful and insightful conversations" and "deeper connection[s] with yourself and your community."

If you couldn't already tell, Cards for Humanity was created by two lifelong BFFs who wanted a game that sparked "meaningful and genuine conversation." And that's really nice. And kind-hearted. And... here's where I start to worry.

Why am I worried? Because humans seem to be genetically pre-disposed to ruining things. Like, we love nothing more than taking something genuine and setting it on fire. I want Cards for Humanity to succeed, because it is a nice thing, and so often it seems like we never have nice things. So here are five questions I hope are included in the finished game that are so nice that they cannot be corrupted. They shall not. Don't even think about it.

1. What is your favorite baby animal?

Kittens, duh. Especially the sleepy ones.

2. If the sky was a color other than blue, what would you like it to be?


3. What is the kindest thing you've done this week?

Sent some really nice vibes to Chris Pratt. Also I comp'd an older gentleman's meal when he couldn't pay his bill. I guess that was also nice.

4. I can't wait to read __________ with my future child.

Harry Potter. Easy answer.

5. If you could travel anywhere with your significant other, where would you go?

A colony on the moon. Or somewhere with waterfalls.

Images: Cards for Humanity/Vimeo; Giphy (5)