Kaitlyn & Ben H. Danced On 'The Bachelorette' & It Proves They Have Chemistry — At Least On The Stage

Is it just me, or is there a lotof performance art-related dates on The Bachelorette this season? Hot on the heels of last week's Aladdin-themed Broadway date, Kaitlyn took Ben H. on a one-on-one in Texas to compete in a two-stepping competition — you know, with no formal training whatsoever. It's a challenge, especially since they're dancing alongside people who have been doing this thing for 50 years, and according to our Bachelorette, if they can't get this right on the dance floor, they can't get this right in their relationship, either. But as it turns out, she might have been onto something. Kaitlyn and Ben H's two-stepping date actually did prove that they have some serious chemistry.

And they might not have won the competition — DUH, everyone else had been two-stepping for their entire lives — but Ben was so game to try anyway. Seeing him interact with all of the adorable elderly people who were there was adorable, and it's clear that he has real feelings for Kaitlyn, something that's been a bit of a rarity with all of the guys who are there for "the wrong reasons" this season. He's such a good sport, and he's capable of making conversation about something that isn't Nick Viall.

Also, from my couch, I can tell you that Ben is cute and I now officially have a serious crush on him. And being that she was actually on the date, I have a feeling that Kaitlyn is probably feeling the same way.

Even better was that they ended their night with a candlelit dinner on a rooftop, and Kaitlyn wasted no time in breaching the conversation about past relationships. Once again, Ben took being in an uncomfortable position in stride, and he was a good sport.

Kaitlyn, you're so right giving him that rose. In fact, just give him all of them.

Image: Felicia Graham/ABC