Jaja Vankova Is Back On 'So You Think You Can Dance' Season 12, & She's Brought A Swarm Of Incredible Female Street Talent

YES! One of my favorite dancers from So You Think You Can Dance Season 11 is back for Season 12 and I could not be more excited for her future on the show. After dominating so many rounds in Las Vegas but sadly getting cut in the Top 50, Jana "Jaja" Vancova is back for a second time and there's no doubt in my mind that she's going to crush it this year. But her appearance during the Los Angeles auditions on Monday night was followed by more incredible female street dancers and it is about time that these women get the showcase they deserve for their talents. I clearly was not the only person psyched to see Jaja back in the competition. When the amazing Czech animator/krumper stepped on the stage for her audition, Nigel Lythgoe proclaimed "I am so pleased you’re here!" Paula Abdul and Jason Derulo were certainly in for a treat as there was really only one term appropriate for Jaja's audition and it comes from Krumper and SYTYCD wordsmith Lil' C: Buck.

The trend for female street dancers on So You Think You Can Dance should have started with Comfort, but for some reasons throughout the years there has really been a dearth of these performers despite always seeing a least a few great ones in the audition rounds. But recently we've had Mariah from Season 10 and now hopefully Jaja and the other women from the LA auditions will finally start showing people what we already know: That women can be expert street dancers.

After Jaja's audition, the superlatives did not stop. Paula Abdul called Jaja a "treat" to watch, while Jason Derulo could not contain his excitement. "You became another being," he said. Then he added a huge compliment. "Every hip hop dancer could learn from you. I would pay money to see you.” Even Nigel got on board the compliment train stating that "It really is an honor to watch" Jaja and he's right. She's a freaking beast, she's more fierce than many of the Hip Hop men who audition and that's the main reason I love her so much.

She proves that women can hit as hard as the men. It's not always about being the graceful ballerina or sultry Jazz dancers. Women can be fierce, and Jaja and the rest of the female street dancers from LA will hopefully show this in Las Vegas and beyond. Here's my prediction now: Jaja will definitely make the Top 10 street dancers, and I see her being the first female street dancer in the finals. She's definitely got it in her to make it to the top.

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Images: eccedentesiastblandiloquenthuman, danceonfox/Tumblr