Feminist Thriller 'Felt' Shows in Exclusive Clip How It Brilliantly Tackles Rape Culture — VIDEO

Rare is the movie that's brave enough to tackle the world's most important issues head on, but a new film by Jason Banker, is all about doing just that. A psychological thriller, Felt stars artist Amy Everson as a woman recovering from sexual assault, deals with some of the most pressing issues today: abuse, oppression, and the violent hatred that often greets outspoken feminists when they vocalize their views. As the exclusive Felt clip from the movie below demonstrates, it's a riveting film that breaks down rape culture in all the most thought-provoking ways. Whether you leave the theater awed, terrified, or even just pensive, one thing's for sure: you won't be able to get Felt out of your head.

In the short clip, Amy (Everson) is seen having an intense discussion with a male friend about roofies; the man states his beliefs that many girls use getting drugged as an excuse for "bad" behavior ("the pill made me do it," he says sarcastically), while an irritated Amy is more than happy to inform him why he's wrong. It's a powerful scene that shines a fascinating light into rape culture, and provides compelling proof that Felt is a must-see film for feminists — and their less enlightened pals — everywhere.

Felt, which premiered at last year's Fantastic Fest, hails from Jason Banker, director of the acclaimed thriller Toad Road. It's co-written by Banker and Everson, who based much of the story on her own life; in press materials for the film, the star said that she hopes the honesty of the film will help society stop perpetuating so many anti-feminist values.

Said Everson, "To understand rape culture, we have to acknowledge the fact that we live in a society where women are devalued and objectified."

Felt, with its no-holds-barred take on rape and sexism, is a major step forward in doing just that. Check out the exclusive clip below, and be sure to catch the film in theaters June 26, and on digital/VOD July 21.

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