SooJoo Park Rocks A Dramatic Mascara Look Because Clumpy Lashes Are So On Trend

Whether you have thin, sparse lashes or are blessed with full ones, all you mascara enthusiasts will be happy to hear that clumpy lashes are rising as a hot beauty trend. In fact, Korean-American model SooJoo Park rocked the dramatic mascara look for a L'Oreal shoot and was looking epically fierce.

Her makeup was done by the talented Sir John, who shared the secret to pulling off this bold look. I would've guessed that the secret would be to go for a smokey eye, but apparently, it's more simple than that. The secret is to go au natural with the rest of your makeup. That means only throwing on some tinted moisturizer and a nude lip. That way, your lashes will be the center of attention, drawing focus on your beautiful eyes.

As for Sir John's inspiration behind this hot look, he told that he, "was inspired by aging seniors in their golden years and young teen girls, as with both there is the haphazard application of layering mascara." How hilarious and amazing is that? Thank you beautifully aging seniors and tweens! I suppose this means we'll no longer need to comb out those splotches of mascara nor meticulously attempt to separate those annoying lashes that like to tightly clump together.

Image: sjblife/Instagram (2)