7 Fashion And Beauty Bloggers Who Are Obsessed With The Color Pink

In need of a little pink inspiration — or maybe you are already obsessed with the color pink? Either way, you're not alone, considering there are a ton of pink beauty blogs dedicated to spreading love for the very pretty, pastel color.

Pink is a hue traditionally associated with all things "girly." For some reason (call it instinct; call it social conditioning), a lot of women, including myself, are simply drawn to the Barbie-esque shade. Pink puts me in a gleeful mood and brings out the daintier side of my personality, and I must say, pink fashion gets me in a dreamy, almost nostalgic state of mind. And as I searched the Internet for some of the best beauty blogs and Instagram accounts that cater to the daintier side of my sartorial preferences, my eyes came across a whole lot of pink.

The feeling could be described as being transported to a fairytale land of whimsy and magic. Maybe it's because pink (and pastel colors in general) are commonly associated with candy and sweets — and, to my mind, all my girly childhood dreams. But the oh-so-pretty factor in the following blogs might make you that much more excited to consult their expertise for your next makeup haul.

1. Mermaidens

Mermaidens is the brainchild of Portland, Oregon based Kailey. Her personal style is quite vintage, with an ode to pink in her hair color. She blogs about all things beauty and fashion with a bit of lifestyle and art thrown in there as well. Kailey is sure to give you an insatiable desire to go eat some ice-cream, too!

2. Venus Angelic

Venus Palermo is mostly known for her YouTube channel, in which she vlogs about her extreme penchant for dressing and looking like a doll. (There is a whole world of "living dolls" out there, guys.) But this vlogger's love for all things pink gets taken to a new level of intensity with her makeup and fashion video tutorials.

3. itspastelprincess

It's becoming more common for beauty bloggers to us their Instagram accounts as a main platform. Itspastelprincess, for instance, uses her account to post beauty products that she really loves, always through what you might call "rose colored glasses" (or rather, a photo filter). If you'd like your Instagram feed to have a little touch of pink every now and then, this is the one for you.

4. Classy Pink Things

Classy Pink Things is the blog of Thania, who also has a YouTube channel where she posts tutorials. It's obvious to see Thania's penchant for "pink" based on her blog title alone, but she also loves to bring attention to pink beauty and hair products. Pretty much every photo on her blog makes a point of including the delightful hue.

5. Nicolette Mason

Nicolette Mason blogs on her website, which bears her namesake, and is also a columnist for Marie Claire. She's a self-proclaimed body positive writer with "an unabashed love of glitter, pink, and pug puppies." Though you might find more pink in the photos on her Instagram, you'll still see a subtle nod to her passion for the color in her blog entries, which are mostly dedicated to outfit posts and fashion trends.

6. Pink Peonies

Another blogger with "pink" in the heart, Rachel Parcell blogs at Pink Poenies about fashion and lifestyle, recently debuting her own line of jewelry. She opts for sneaking pink accents into her blog very subtly, but it's definitely there in the little details of her outfit posts.

7. Gal Meets Glam

Gal Meets Glam is the site of Julia Engel, who is a San Francisco-based blogger. You'll see her love of pink pop up in some of her "latest finds" in the right side-bar on her blog as well as in the photos on her posts. Her Instagram is probably filled a little more with the color pink, though, as she seems to include a little pink something in each 'gram.

Images: mermaidens, venus_angelic, itspastelprincess, thaniasbeauty, nicolettemason, rachparcell, juliahengel/Instagram