What Your Sign Says About Your Sex Life

by Bobby Box

Whether you believe in the powers of astrology, or just happen upon your horoscope while flipping through a newspaper or magazine, few can deny the characteristics that they share with their sign. Horoscopes, on the other hand, have a tendency to be a little less accurate since, well, these things are written daily (or monthly) and of course they’re not always going to be correct. So let’s give the stars a bit of a break, and credit them where credit is due. What you may not have known is that your astrological sign is tied to your sexuality.

And since there isn’t a Yelp service for bedroom reviews, your exes are pretty much all you’ve got to go by — and that's probably not a great idea since most exes don't exactly end amicably. That's why I suggest you take the stars’ word for it—I'm talking actual stars here, not celebrities.

I asked Aliza Kelly Faragher and Helen Grossman, co-founders of Align, a Los Angeles-based app that matches users with prospective partners based on their astrological sign and other key identifiers, to tell us what to expect when having sex with each different sign.


“Aries love winning, so sex for these fiery lovers is always a worthwhile conquest,” says Faragher. "This sign isn’t afraid to be aggressive in the bedroom, either.” Meaning, of course, that a take-action Aries can get down with some impressive, acrobatic sex reminiscent of those everyday athletes on American Ninja Warrior. “Challenge an Aries to a marathon between the sheets, and you will not be disappointed,” Faragher promises.


“Taurus is ruled by Venus, which makes it one of the most sensual signs,” Grossman begins. “Their sexual style is intimate and slow, with lots of smooching, snuggles, stroking, and spooning involved.” Despite not being the aggressor, that doesn’t mean sex with a Taurus is in any way boring. In fact, the Taurus boasts impressive endurance, and will therefore require a partner who can keep up with them.


Energetic and fun, Geminis are known for their unpredictability — you just never know what you’re going to get with this imaginative sign. In the bedroom, Geminis avoid getting bored by switching things up — a lot. “A Gemini also tends to speak their mind,” Grossman adds. “And that’s no exception in the bedroom.”


Cancers are ruled by the moon, so their energy comes out at night — which, coincidentally, is when most people have sex! Cancers also happen to be extremely intuitive, and are willing to experiment sexually as long as they’re in safe and supportive relationships. “Make a Cancer feel comfortable, and things will get very interesting,” Faragher shares.


Leos love to entertain, Faragher admits, so it’s no surprise that sex with these lionesses can be a tad porn-y (but for the sake of Leos everywhere, we’ll go with the less offensive term, “theatrical”). “Leo lovers will certainly offer an experience unlike any other,” Faragher promises. “So be prepared for an incredible evening.”


Sweet and well intentioned, Virgos want to strike a balance between people-pleasing and needing things to be perfect. “In bed, a Virgo feels more comfortable pleasing their partner, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know what they want,” Grossman shares. “When comfortable enough, Virgos can have a lot of fun spicing it up and being the dominant partner.”


Libras value beautiful things and are therefore sensitive to ambiance, so be sure to make romance a priority. Many times Libras will do this themselves by setting the mood with some playful foreplay, and “since this sign deeply values fairness, you can be sure they’ll return the favor,” Faragher ensures.


Scorpios are known to be one of the most seductive signs. Secretive, intense, and highly erotic, don’t be afraid to get kinky with these lovers —you’ll be glad you went there. “Eye contact drives Scorpios crazy," Faragher adds. “So be sure to lock eyes to get the full Scorpio experience.”


Fun and flirty, a Sagittarius is all about having a good time — and sex is what most would consider a good time, right? Since this sign is all about fun, sex with a Sag is understandably playful and spontaneous— so don’t be afraid to try something new! “This adventurous sign also tends to be turned on by outdoor trysts,” Faragher suggests. “So don’t be surprised if you end up getting down in some unusual environments.”


“At work and in social situations, Capricorns can be quite traditional,” Grossman begins. “They always set goals and do whatever it takes to reach them, and that’s no exception in their sex lives.” They’re in it to impress, and if you know what’s good for you, you won't let their seemingly buttoned-up nature fool you – Capricorns get wild when sex is on, beside, or under, the table.


Aquarians are true individuals and the quirkiest sign of the Zodiac. “While they are loyal partners, they aren’t the type to treat sex as an emotionally connecting experience,” says Grossman. A big plus for those lucky enough to bed an Aquarian is that this sign always down to try new things as a means of keeping sex interesting. In case this point hasn’t already been made, it means you’re in for a lot of experimenting.


Pisces are known for their self-sacrifice, but that stems from their affinity to be desired, so just love them, alright? “Pisces are very generous,” Grossman says. “And as one of the most intuitive signs in the Zodiac, their sexual moves will make partners feel sensations they’ve never felt before.” It's a good idea to let them know of the good job they’re doing to serve as a confidence boost. “Just because they’re always willing to give, however, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t return the favor,” Grossman says.

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