7 Amazing Lip Art Looks That'll Help Take Your Lippie Game To The Next Level

It's no question in my mind that makeup is a true art form. And when you see some of these amazing lip art photos that'll blow your mind, I have no doubt that you'll agree me. IMO, makeup is one art form that — unless you've had tons of practice and experience with it — you have to go painstakingly slow with in order to get just right. Major kudos go to the professional makeup artists who come up with some incredible designs!

What's even more remarkable about makeup art — including lip art — is that someone takes the time and effort involved in creating amazing artwork, only to likely have it be washed off that same day. But if you ask me, the brevity of its existence makes the technique all the more intriguing and appealing.

It's one thing to see a great lipstick job — and I'm often amazed when I can get it right (any other lip challenged girls out there with me?) — but to see some of the masterpieces that people actually create from cosmetics alone literally astonishes me. I could never imagine getting such exquisite looks on my lips unless I had some intense training and practice time.

Nevertheless, I've found some incredible looks on Instagram that need to be celebrated. From professional makeup artists to everyday ladies, these lip art photos will give you the inspiration to take your lipstick game to the next level.

1. Comic Book Lips

This look makes a real set of puckers turn into something you might see in the pages of a comic book. Posted by MAC cosmetics Instagram, I'm thinking one of the company's professionals painted these lips on. Check out MAC's recent 'grams, though, because the brand has been sharing some strong lip game ideas these last couple of weeks.

2. Sassy Crab Lips

"Sassy Crab" — whose bio reads that she's an aspiring makeup artist — challenged herself to 100 days of different makeup looks, and she came out with something pretty amazing here. Quirky and fun, anyone daring enough to go out with some lips like these is sure to get some attention!

3. Purple Passion Lips

This look was created by a Finnish makeup artist who posts her work on Instagram. I basically just want to eat a fancy cupcake when I see these lips. I know, it's weird, but something about those little beads reminds me of the little edible pieces you can buy to decorate cakes and cookies with. OK, somebody stop the sweets craving now!

4. Simba Lips

This London-based MUA looks like she can take on any Disney cartoon character! Seriously, her Instagram is full of unique designs all based around her lips, so you honestly need to go take a look at all the amazing cartoons she's drawn. She can effortlessly alter her lip shape to channel whichever character she's embodying, too. Someone needs to book this woman for a super hip birthday party, because she's left face painting in the dust with her killer designs.

5. Blue Rose Lips

Posted by L.A. based makeup artist Vlada Haggerty, these lips are to die for! The look is also posted in black, burgundy, and magenta for your eye (and lip) pleasure. Plenty of other lip inspiration can be found in this artist's feed, whose style seems to ere on deep, dark colors with a splash of glitter. Serious swooning happening over here.

6. Autumn Shine Lips

I love the caption that this makeup loving Instagram user placed with her photo collage of her amazing lips: "When regular lipstick gets boring." Yep, she pretty much nailed it with this look, which combines lots of earth tone shades to get a beautiful and unique lippie look. She's my kind of gal, blending lip shades and eyeshadow, and using whatever she has to kill the lip game.

7. Pastel Dreams Lips

Another professional makeup artist, Ryan Krasney shows off his beautiful design with this perfect pastel teal and pink combo. I'm loving the creamy effect these shades give for a lovely spring and summer vibe. Gradient lips are super on-trend at the moment and it's not hard to get a good gradient look with a lighter shade on the outside lining the rest of the look. Do check out this artist's other styles, too, for more inspiring trends and lip art!

Of course, if you're going to experiment with weird, wacky, wonderful lip art, it's best to start with the basics. Here's a guide to applying lipstick that's totes on fleek:

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Images: laurajenkinson, maccosmetics, karlavanessa15, rita_milia, vladamua, jaszy_rene, ryankellymua/Instagram; Bustle/YouTube