Which New Book Should You Read This Summer? This Flowchart Will Help You Figure It Out

Hi! What's up? How's it going? How's the heat treatin' ya? Are you HAGS like all your friends and enemies wished you would be in your yearbook ca. 1999?

Apparently, summertime makes me go a little insane. Blame it on the heat, blame it on vacation brain, blame it on Coppertone fumes, but there's something about this sprightliest of seasons that makes accomplishing basic tasks a tall order. Maybe that's why back in our school days the prospect of "summer reading" made us want to FREAK. But nowadays, "summer reading" can actually be an exciting thing. Because "summer reading" is just code for "reading the books you actually want to read, and screw feeling guilted into reading the latest solipsistic Norwegian behemoth, I'm going to read a highly addictive bodice-ripper set in the Scottish Highlands and enjoy every damn second of it because that's what my brain can handle right now."

The problem really lies in figuring out which awesome book to pick up first this summer. That's where this handy flowchart comes in: just go with your gut, follow the arrows, and voilà! Your required summer read (that you'll actually enjoy) will be revealed.

Happy flowage!

So, which book did you get?!

Images: Pexels.com; Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle